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AID Mission and Charter

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The mission of the Application Implementation and Design (AID) Work Group is to facilitate the adoption and software implementation of HL7 standards.


The focus of the WG lies particularly on the use of Healthcare Standards based processable models (e.g. the version 3 RIM, FHIR and CDA) for application design and the storage of data, and to a lesser degree on the exchange and use of the data.

The AID Work Group will:

  1. Provide a joint forum for HL7 members who are interested in, have implemented, are implementing or are planning to create, applications that support or use one or more HL7 standards. This forum will allow for the exchange of the various approaches that have already been implemented through out the world.
  2. Create a series of best practices documents that document the architectural and software implementation approaches.
  3. Identify and support third parties in the design, development and maintenance of software toolkits that support the development of software applications that support or use one or more HL7 standards.
  4. Provide feedback from the implementation community into the standards development process, to ensure that HL7 standards are easy to implement.

Relationships With Other HL7 Groups

The AID Work Group will work with the Tooling and CGIT Work Groups to share experiences and best practices where the scope of these groups overlaps with the scope of the AID WG.

Decision Making Practices

Decision Making Practices (Nov. 27, 2014)

Date of Last Revision

  • October 7th, 2015 (approval by WG)