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The AID HL7 "User Group", in order to fulfill its Mission and Charter is involved in the following activities:

  1. Facilitate the exchange of implementation experiences
    1. We accomplish this by organizing regular face-to-face meetings for the exchange of implementation experiences and architectural approaches between users of the HL7 standards. We focus on Patterns for Application Development. Guidance, no normative outcomes.
      • AID meets 3 times a year during the HL7 WGMs (i.e. meetings that are focused on HL7 standards development), and at so-called out-of-cycle meetings. We aim to geographically cover those areas where most of the HL7 users can be found.
      • Any aspects related to the review of HL7 standards, and the creation of whitepapers is done at WGMs, and out-of-cycles are exclusively focused on the exchange of ideas/practices.
      • See List of Scheduled Meetings
    2. We facilitate the exchange of questions and answers by means of an e-mail list and/or discussion forum
    3. We have a project to create a series of best practices documents that document the architectural and software implementation approaches.
  2. We identify and support third parties in the design, development and maintenance of software toolkits that support the development of software applications that support or use one or more HL7 standards.
  3. We provide feedback from the implementation community into the standards development process, to ensure that HL7 standards are easy to implement.
    • How (SMART) will we do this? We get ad-hoc comments during various presentations, but we'll need some structured way of 'havesting' feedback from the implementation community
  4. Marketing - Public exposure of successes (of HL7 implementatations)
  5. Provide Education - related to software implementation