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AID Action Items

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This page contains a mixture of action items of the RIMBAA WG and the Dutch RIMBAA SIG (part of HL7 Netherlands).


  • 200912 Michael vd Zel to create a SAEAF matrix showing the areas covered/addressed by the RIMBAA WG. The resulting matrix is to be published on the wiki.

HIST datatype as a UDT

  • Willem Dijkstra: have not implemented this (HXIT/HIST) as a UDT - Willem to research the option to see if this would be feasable.

Communication Plan

  • 20091027 create a communications plan, akin to the one created by the ArB

SQL for datatypes spec

  • 20091027 would be nice to have a standard SQL definition for use of HL7 datatypes. Could attempt to standardize SQL across the board.

HL7 e-News

  • 20090203 Michael: HL7 (for HL7 e-News) has requested Dutch TSC to write an article about RIMBAA.

Document French RIMBAA Application

  • 20090203 Michael: describe French RIMBAA application, details were exchanged in Orlando

Whitepaper RIM approach

  • 20090203 Rene: to create (to act as editor) whitepaper to show benefits (to "market") of RIM-approach vs. one-off model solutions for individual issues. Target audience: developers, OR physicians (would lead to use of different arguments). Physicians: re-use of componets, research uses the samen samentic models as used anywhere.
  • See Reasons for RIMBAA

AP to RP cell transition


  • 20090203 Ewout to share his XML schema for XML RIM ITS

RIM database specification

  • 20080603, Ernst: implementatie datatypen beschrijven, met name GTS (Ewout wil helpen met documenteren)
  • 20080902, Michael: Ernst heeft hier iets mee gedaan, een generatie script.
  • 20090203 Blijft open