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This page contains the open action items of the RIMBAA WG.
This page contains the open action items of the RIMBAA WG.
===Baltimore - Jean Duteau===
*20111115 ACTION: co-chairs to invite Jean to speak about this project (FDA RIMBAA implementation based on Oracle types) at a future RIMBAA meeting
**Update san antonio: probably a good topic for Baltimore
===Invite Remko Hoekstra===
*20111115 ACTION: co-chairs to invite Remko Hoekstra to talk about his XML-based RIM implementation at Radboud university hospital.
===RIMBAA NL: missie en visie ===
*201102: voorziters: ontwikkel RIMBAA Missie en Visie (vanuit huidige summary); speerpunten benoemen; jaarplan maken. Discussie/goedkeuren op eerstvolgende RIMBAA meeting.
===RIMBAA NL: chairs===
*201102 Michael to-do: Stemming (co-chairs) op e-mail lijst aankondigen, vragen of nieuwe kandidaten zich willen melden.
===RIMBAA in Clinical Research===
*201109 ACTION: Michael to write a RIMBAA whitepaper on the topic of 'using RIMBAA in clinical research'.
===Link to implementation resources===
*201109 ACTION Talk to pubs to see if a link to 'implementation resources' (and RIMBAA/CGIT) can be added to the standards documentation (notably the v3 normative edition).
===CIHI Partner conference===
*20110110 ACTION: Andy S to follow up on MBT (software itself, and/or its architecture) and message instance editor.
===CRUD services===
*20101104  Michael to coordinate the creation of a whitepaper about a simple CDR CRUD services. Michael has created one for the UMCG, as far as he knows Ewout has one and Ernst de Bel has one, and probably more exist. We could find the commonalities and write a paper on that.
===Datatype library quality criteria===
*201010 Ewout to create an initial draft set of criteria and to coordinate the creation of a final list
===Quality criteria, project statement===
*201010 Rene/Ewout: Create a new draft project scope statement do a requirement analysis for Data Types libraries in general. The draft will be put to the RIMBAA WG for additional discussion and approval.
*201010 reach out to the various e-mail lists (tooling, MnM, RIMBAA, implementation) and ask who has implemented.
*20100915: Rene to ask DRV Bund (Germany) to verify if they're interested in using the updated version (of JavaSIG 2010)
===MIF documentation===
*20100517: RIMBAA members to describe what parts of the MIF (its format/structure) should be documented and in what way. This in order to ease the work of those that write their own code MIF based code generators or those that do M2M transformations. ask implementers who have already done this what information was missing which would have eased their work.
*20100517: Lorraine to ask Mohawk for their feedback.
*20100701: Rene asked Lloyd (to take up with tooling) to add an example vision - MIF example.
*20110331 Jean volunteers to craft some MIF intro material
===RIM intro text===
*20100517: Peter Hendler to review RIM into wording. Woody Beeler invited to review the introductory text of the RIM (which is in itself not subject to ballot), to ensure any bias towards interoperability is removed.
*201005 check RIM wording of upcoming ballot to see if the proposed text has made it.
*201009 Rene: update hasn't been published. I've sent a reminder to Woody.
*201101 Rene: sent an update to Woody, the text hasn't bee updated yet in the january 2011 ballot
*201107 Rene: may 2011 ballot still doesn't contain updated wording
===Whitepaper RIM approach===
*20090203 Rene: to create (to act as editor) whitepaper to show benefits (to "market") of RIM-approach vs. one-off model solutions for individual issues. Target audience: developers, OR physicians (would lead to use of different arguments). Physicians: re-use of componets, research uses the samen samentic models as used anywhere.
*See [[Reasons for RIMBAA]]
*20110331 Peter volunteers to check MDD list

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This page contains the open action items of the RIMBAA WG.