AID 201709 Meeting in San Diego

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This is the agenda of the AID WG for the WGM in San Diego, US, September 2017.

Sunday Q3/Q4

  1. Administrative
  2. FHIR related presentations (please contact a co-chair to get a slot on the agenda)
    1. Mapping v2 to FHIR and vice versa (Corey Spears, Infor, US)
      • Detailed description to follow
    2. Presentation 2
    3. Presentation 3
    4. Presentation 4
    5. Presentation 5
    6. Presentation 6
    7. Presentation 7
  3. Wrapping up
    • MOTION to disband the AID WG, and to continue its Sunday PM WGM activities in some other form (e.g. as part of FHIR Foundation, or as an Interest Group).
    • MOTION to close PSSs #550, and to request that (a) the TSC takes on the task to wrap up the project (with #1178) around 'Implementation Packages', and (b) that the CDA Product Management group takes on the task of managing the Software Implementation of CDA whitepaper - these efforts will be out of scope for our future activities.
  4. Adjournment