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This is the agenda of the AID WG for the WGM in San Diego, US, September 2017.

Sunday Q3/Q4

  1. Administrative
  2. FHIR related presentations (please contact a co-chair to get a slot on the agenda)
    1. Presentation 1
    2. Presentation 2
    3. Presentation 3
    4. Presentation 4
    5. Presentation 5
    6. Presentation 6
    7. Presentation 7
  3. Wrapping up
    • MOTION to disband the AID WG, and to continue its Sunday PM WGM activities in some other form (e.g. as part of FHIR Foundation, or as an Interest Group).
    • MOTION to close all open PSSs, and to request that the TSC takes on the task to wrap up the project around 'Implementation Packages' as this will be out of scope for our future activities.
  4. Adjournment