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==Wednesday Q1==
==Wednesday Q1==
#Project and issue review
##Issue List [[:Category:AID_Issue]]
#*Next meeting
#*Next meeting

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This is the agenda of the AID WG for the WGM in Madrid ES, May 2017.

Sunday Q3/Q4 (joint with FHIR)


  1. Announcements
  2. FHIR related presentations
    1. Architecting a FHIR frontend using a legacy database backend, (Rene Spronk, Ringholm, NL)
      • High level introductory discussion of implementation issues
    2. Building FHIR Servers on existing Relational Databases (Robert Worden, , UK)
      • To make a FHIR Server from an existing healthcare relational database, you have to develop transforms between FHIR resources and the native database formats - in both directions (for GET and PUT). One way to do this is to use the FHIR Transform Engine. This gives bi-directional transforms from declarative mappings - saving coding effort, and increasing reliability. Transforms integrate with the HAPI server engine. An example implementation is described.
      • There is an important side-benefit to this approach. RESTFul FHIR searches are converted to efficient SQL queries, automatically - supporting a wide range of searches without coding.
    3. Building a FHIR frontend using Spark/Vonk (Christiaan Knaap, Furore, NL)
      • Vonk is the newly architected Furore FHIR database frontend
    4. Implementing databases for FHIR - 3 years experience report (Niqoula Ruschkov, FHIRBase, RU)
      • With the upcoming SQL standard 2017 with JSON - the FHIRBase approach will be suitable for Oracle, MSSQL and other compliant databases.
    5. FHIRForms: generating clinical forms from FHIR profile definitions (Robert Worden, , UK)
  3. Other presentations

Monday Q3


  1. Administrative
    • Approval of the minutes

Wednesday Q1


  1. Project and issue review
    1. Issue List Category:AID_Issue
    • Next meeting