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AID 20161123 Teleconference

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These are the minutes of the agenda of the AID HL7 'user group'

AID Teleconference - November 23, 2016

HL7 AID Meeting Minutes Date: 2016-11-23
Facilitator: Andy Stechishin Note taker(s): Andy Stechishin
Present Name Init Affiliation
× Rene Spronk RS Ringholm
× James Agnew JA UHN
× Andy Stechishin AS CANA Software & Services
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Planning for San Antonio WGM
  3. Planning for Next Cycle after San Antonio

Meeting called to order 12:05 AM Eastern

Planning for San Antonio WGM

AS updated on the request for FHIR core to more deeply integrate the Sunday AID presentations into the FHIR connectathon. AS will again send his emails to the track leads and we will look towards more engagement on the Saturday and Sunday morning. JA will do some canvassing during the connectathon to help fill any holes in the agenda for Sunday afternoon.

RS stated the we can be more successful by being more structured about announcing speakers, providing good descriptions of the talks, and posting announcements (cross-post to other lists). RS has on occassion (mis)used the co-chairs list to make announcements of the agenda.

Post WGM - Next Cycle

JA will be at Apps for Health and we will look at planning and getting an out of cycle to happen. Likely will be late April for the event. AS and JA will coordinate to get approval of the out of cycle at San Antonio.

AID Strategy

The group discussed how AID is still relevant and how to increase participation. What is the value of speaking to AID:

  • wider audience
  • video?

JA ideas - need to be the venue to showcase what they are building (RS careful about showcase as a sales pitch) RS goal is to tease out best practices and write up white papers. Session on Sunday to talk about for instance Persistence, AS suggested a panel discussion. This would look to engender engagement and work toward producing whitepapers. AS will investigate the panel members and look towards working out a plan.

AIDs goals are:

  • Facilitate the exchange of implementation experiences
  • Provide feedback to standards development
  • Marketing of successfull implementation of HL7 standards

JA sees the WG as shifting from documenting best practises to fostering community, does not organize meetings. Does this apply to other standards? For instance, where is the Zulip for CDA? AS will add this as a discussion on Monday Q3, RS will start a discussion thread on the FHIR Zulip about taking the lessons learned from FHIR back to our other standards communities.

Future Teleconferences

Both JA and RS agreed that the teleconference was useful and were fine with scheduling another planning session between San Antonio and Madrid and between Madrid and San Diego.

Meeting adjourned at 12:51 PM Eastern