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AID 201605 Meeting in Montreal

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This is the agenda of the AID WG for the WGM in Montreal CA, May 2016.

Sunday Q3/Q4 (joint with FHIR)

  1. Administrative (max. 5 minutes)
  2. HL7 FHIR Implementation Guides: no silver bullet yet? (Diego Kaminker) (max. 20 minutes)
    • Diego will talk about three implementation guides he authored this year using just Excel, Word, and Oxygen, and why this is awfully wrong.
  3. FluentPath (??? Brian / Bryn ?) (max. 20 minutes)
  4. Adding Path Traversal to Clinical Quality Language (CQL) using FluentPath (Bryn Rhodes) (max. 20 minutes)
    • The FluentPath specification has been developed to enable simple yet powerful path traversal capabilities within FHIR. This session will review implementation experience gained from extending CQL with FluentPath to enable complete query functionality against any FHIR service.
  5. Various connectathon issues (Grahame Grieve, second half of Q3) (max. 30 minutes)
    • e.g. fluent path, mapping, searching
  6. Conditional Updates (Simone Heckmann) (max. 20 minutes)
    • Update from the connectathon from the 'conditional updates' track
  7. Other FHIR Implementation Presentations, contact for a presentation slot

Monday Q3

  1. Administrative
    • MOTION To approve the minutes of the AID 201510 Meeting in Atlanta
    • MOTION To approve the minutes of the AID 201601 Meeting in Orlando
    • Rene: reminder that there'll be a co-chair election this week, to fill the position held by Peter Hendler. James Agnew has volunteered to be a co-chair - please use the 'write in' option on the ballot form to vote for James or any other candidate.
  2. Other topics

Wednesday Q4

  1. Administrative
  2. Project and issue review
    1. Project #550 - Whitepaper review: project details, List of AID Whitepapers
      • Those present agree with the current list of whitepapers, inclusive of the two new ones (v2-FHIR mapping, FHIR server design). We'll discintinue the development of Persisting FHIR Resources and include its contents in the FHIR Server design whitepaper.
    2. Project #1178 - Implementation Packages
      • Upon review of the functional requirement those present agree that they reflect what a newbie implementer would find useful. Next step: find appropriate tools etc. to create the v2 implementation package.
    3. Issue List Category:AID_Issue
  3. Other topics