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AID 201601 Meeting in Orlando

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This is the agenda of the AID WG for the WGM in Orlanda FL, January 2016.

Sunday Q3/Q4 (joint with FHIR)

  1. Administrative (max. 5 minutes)
  2. Clinical decision Support - CDS-on-FHIR (Bryn Rhodes, Database Consulting Group, US) (max 20 minutes)
    • Bryn is one of the leads of the CDS connectathon track. He;ll present both an introduction to the subject, as well as a summary of the implementation experience from the connect-a-thon.
  3. MDHT support for FHIR profile design in UML (Dave Carlson) (max. 20 minutes)
    • Inclusive of integration with FHIR terminology services as part of profile design.
  4. MiHIN PatientGen for FHIR Testing (Jeff Eastman)
    • Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services ( has developed a patient generator to produce large volumes of non-PHI, synthetic test data for testing MiHIN HIE services. The generator models a simulated health care network of Providers, Practices, Hospitals, Specialty and Provider Organizations. A large population of Patients experiences weekly incidence and mortality risks for over 130 important medical conditions and procedures. Among its various output formats, the generator currently produces 8 core FHIR resources.
  5. How to cope with SNOMED within FHIR Resources (Richard Esmond) (max. 30 minutes)
    • SNOMED-CT has emerged as the 'go-to' code-set for expressing clinical elements within FHIR Resources. The SNOMED-CT Ontology offers tremendous power leverage its Description-Logic model to perform filtering, categorization and decomposition of Pre-Coordinated concepts into their more basic components for advanced evaluation.
    • Richard (based on his own experiences) will explain and demonstrate the underlying concepts and operations.
  6. Reserved for FHIR Implementation Presentations

Monday Q3

  1. Administrative (max. 5 minutes)
    • MOTION To approve the minutes of the AID 201510 Meeting in Atlanta
    • MOTION To approve of an AID out-of-cycle meeting on June 14/15 2016, to be held in Genova, Italy, in conjunction with the IHIC 2016 conference.
  2. Reference Implementation for C-CDA Validator (Calvin Beebe) (max. 20 minutes)
    • A number of the CDA IGs generated at HL7 are based on the Lantana Trifolia Workbench. One of the outputs from the workbench are Schematron files. Using a light weight batch script process a locally runnable validation process has been created which will perform 4 different validations on a CDA document. These are C-CDA R1.1, C-CDA R2.1, CDA schema, and a UCUM. Review on the process and demo will be provided.
  3. Roadmap for MDHT (Dave Carlson) (max 30 minutes)
    • Dave will discuss the status and current roadmap for MDHT as a new project, and especially the status of 'MDHT on FHIR' from an implementer perspective. Heintends to request feedback from implementers on priorities for MDHT and FHIR and solicit participation and contribution to the new MDHT project structure at
  4. Schematron, .NET & Java 8 generation from MDHT (Vadim Peretokin) (max 20 minutes)
    • Looking at complimenting MDHT's generation with Schematron, .NET and Java 8 generation capability.
  5. Other topics

Thursday Q4

  1. Administrative
  2. Project and issue review
    1. Project #550 - Whitepaper review: project details, List of AID Whitepapers
      • Those present agree with the current list of whitepapers, inclusive of the two new ones (v2-FHIR mapping, FHIR server design). We'll discintinue the development of Persisting FHIR Resources and include its contents in the FHIR Server design whitepaper.
    2. Project #1178 - Implementation Packages
      • Upon review of the functional requirement those present agree that they reflect what a newbie implementer would find useful. Next step: find appropriate tools etc. to create the v2 implementation package.
    3. Issue List Category:AID_Issue
  3. Other topics

These are the minutes of the AID HL7 'user group' for the WGM in Atlanta (October 2015)

Workgroup Date/Time Location Chair/Scribe
AID HL7 User Group (hosting FHIR) 2016-01-10,
Orlando, US Chair/Scribe: Andy Stechishin