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==Wednesday Q4==
==Wednesday Q4==
#Whitepaper review: [[:category:RIMBAA Whitepaper|List of AID Whitepapers]]
#Project - Whitepaper review: [[:category:RIMBAA Whitepaper|List of AID Whitepapers]]
#Project - [[Implementation Packages]]
#Issue List [[:Category:AID_Issue]]
#Update [[AID three year plan]]
#Update/review [[AID Mission and Charter]]

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This is the agenda of the AID HL7 'user group' for the WGM in Atlanta (October 2015)

Sunday Q3/Q4 (hosting FHIR)

  1. Administrative (max 5 minutes)
  2. General FHIR Server Design Review (Brian Postlethwaite, Healthconnex, AU)
    • Covers different types and approaches for implementing a FHIR server (Generic FHIR Server, Publish/Sync, Façade, Cache)
    • Aims to raise discussion about these various approaches
  3. Other FHIR related talks

Monday Q3

  1. Administrative
    • Approval of the minutes of the May WGM in Paris, available at xxxxxxxxxx.

Tuesday Q6 (hosted by EST)

  • Tooling demo, 7-9 pm
  • See agenda of EST for details.

Wednesday Q4

  1. Project - Whitepaper review: List of AID Whitepapers
  2. Project - Implementation Packages
  3. Issue List Category:AID_Issue
  4. Update AID three year plan
  5. Update/review AID Mission and Charter