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#Whitepaper review: [[:category:RIMBAA Whitepaper|List of AID Whitepapers]]
#Whitepaper review: [[:category:RIMBAA Whitepaper|List of AID Whitepapers]]
===[[AID_201501_Minutes|Minutes can be found here]]===
===[[AID_201501_Minutes|Minutes can be found here]]===

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This is the agenda of the AID HL7 'user group' for the WGM in Santionio (Jan.2015)

Sunday Q3/Q4 (hosting FHIR)

  1. This session offers those that have implemented FHIR an opportunity to share thgeir approach and best practices with other implementers.
    • Most of the presentations will only be added to the agenda during the actual connectathon
  2. Add your session title here

Monday Q3

  1. Administrative
    • Approval of the minutes of the Amsterdam out-of-cycle meeting held in November 2014, available at AID 201411 Agenda.

Tuesday Q6 (hosted by EST)

  • Tooling demo, 7-9 pm
  • See agenda of EST for details.

Wednesday Q4

  1. Review/update Tool Evaluation Criteria
  2. Implementation Packages
    • According to the PSS created last September the project should be finalized before the end of January, with as its deliverable the definition of the content of the HL7v2 as well as the CDA implementation package.
    • Status update:
  3. Whitepaper review: List of AID Whitepapers


Minutes can be found here