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#Tomaž Gornik or Borut Fabjan, Marand, SLovenia
#Tomaž Gornik or Borut Fabjan, Marand, SLovenia
#Henk Enting, MGRID, NL
#Henk Enting, MGRID, NL
#Tom de Jong, Nova Pro, NL

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This is the agenda of the AID out-of-cycle meeting to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The scope of the meeting is the use of HL7/IHE/DICOM/OpenEHR/terminology and other healthIT standards, and the exchange of best practices and architectures related to the implementation of these standards in software applications.

  • Date: June 3rd, 2014. 09:00-17:30
  • Language: All Presentations will be in English
  • Location: Furore offices, Amsterdam, @ Bos en Lommerplein 280, 1055 RW Amsterdam (Directions: in Dutch, and/or Google Maps)
  • Registration: There is no registration fee. The size of the meeting room is limited however, so we urge you to please sign up by adding your name to the tail end of this page.


  1. Administrative agenda items
    • Announcements
    • Aproval of the agenda
    • User Groups
      • Rene: at some point AID may be transformed into a fullblown HL7 User Group (HUG). At this point in time the idea is that all HL7 members (of HL7 International, or of any affiliate) will be able to participate for free. Non-members pay a fee of $100 a year, and get to attend all meetings. The $100 (EUR 70) was defined for a UG with just one annual face to face meeting in mind. On the assumption we (as AID) can nearly always use a sponsored meeting room (e.g. provided by a software vendor) the meetings costs are limited to catering costs (EUR 20-45, depending on the quality thereof).
      • Discussion: to define a reasonable fee structure; what to do with any surplusses/losses.
  2. Implementation aspects of my own PHR (Dirk Jan van der Pol, Quli, NL)
    • Dirk Jan, akin to e-Patient Dave once suffered from cancer - and decided to develop his own PHR to collect and manage his own health data. Dirk Jan, unlike Dave, has a background in software development and therefore has the perfect background and motivation to develop a PHR.
    • Dirk Jan will share his background, and will subsequently focus on the challenges of trying to incorporate data from all sorts of sources in his own PHR - which meant he had to create clinical models, and resorted to a tagging mechnism in order to retrieve and associate relevant bits of data.
  3. An OpenEHR RESTful Archetyped API (Jan-Marc Verlinden, Ralph van Etten, Medvision360, NL)
    • Jan-Marc and Ralph are working on a RESTful API (see for MEDRecord, an open source OpenEHR based application. They will show how the API is related to the back end EHR, as well as how one could create a FHIR frontend on top of this API.
  4. Using an OpenEHR platform in a HL7/IHE interoperability environment (Tomaž Gornik or Borut Fabjan, Marand)
    • The Think!EHR Platform is a big-data, high-performance solution designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange structured electronic health record data based on the latest release of openEHR specifications.
    • Tomaž and/or Borut will discuss some of the architectural aspects of Think!EHR and the impact of embracing OpenEHR, as well as the support for IHE/HL7 (v2,CDA,FHIR) as an interoperability interface.
  5. A world of models - model transformations (Michael van der Zel, UMCG, NL)
    • Michael has created a number of tools that help in the tranformation of models between OpenEHR, CIMI, DCM, ART-DECOR, EA UML, and others. This includes the use of the MAX metadata format (kind of an XMI format) for expressing the models.
  6. Other presentations


Registration is free, but the size of the room is limited. Please sign up by adding your name to the list below:

  1. Rene Spronk, Ringholm, NL
  2. Ewout Kramer, Furore, NL
  3. Dirk Jan van der Pol, Quli, NL
  4. Adri Burggraaff, HL7 NL, (afternoon)
  5. Michael van der Zel, UMCG, NL
  6. Jan-Marc Verlinden, Medvision360, NL
  7. Ralph van Etten, Medvision360, NL
  8. Tomaž Gornik or Borut Fabjan, Marand, SLovenia
  9. Henk Enting, MGRID, NL
  10. Tom de Jong, Nova Pro, NL