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AID 20140504 Agenda

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This is the AID user group agenda for the WGM held in May 2014.

Sunday Q3/Q4 (joint with FHIR)

  • This is a FHIR-themed AID session, with the intent to allow FHIR connectathon participants as well as other FHIR implementers to share their implementation based practices.
  1. Administrative (max 5 minutes)
  2. Supporting FHIR dcuments and REST using BizTalk 2013 (Howard Edidin, US) (max 30 minutes)
    • They have developed solution using Microsoft BizTalk 2013 to demonstrate the use of the REST Adapter to connect to a FHIR Server. XML Messages (Inidvidual Resources and FHIR documents) will be routed to and from both SharePoint and / or Azure Services.
    • We aim to demonstrate the use of BizTalk 2013 both as a FHIR Server and consumer. The solution uses Azure BizTalk Services in order to provide a Server public interface, and Office 365 as a client. The complete solution supports the FHIR security specs.
  3. Development aspects of a Windows Phone App (Brian Postlethwaite, AU)
    • His talk will focus on implementation aspects - see video for a prior (non technical) presentation by Brian.
  4. A web-based FHIR profile editor (David Hay, AU)
    • David has created a basic web-based profile editor, not as elaborate as Forge, but sufficient for most basic use cases.

Monday Q3

  1. Administrative agenda items
  2. Using Graph based databases for FHIR persistence (David Hay, AU)
    • David has studied the concept of using a Graph Database system to support the persistence of FHIR resources. He has a small mock up databse and will speak to the advantages/disadvantages of this approach.
  3. Other presentations

Tuesday Q2/Q3/Q4

  • FHIR/SOA Discovery Day, see [1]
    • FYI, not a joint session with AID

Tuesday Q6 (Tooling to host)

Wednesday Q4 (Joint with tooling, AID host)

  1. Other presentations