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AID 20140504 Agenda

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This is the AID user group agenda for the WGM held in May 2014.

Sunday Q3/Q4 (joint with FHIR)

  • This is a FHIR-themed AID session, with the intent to allow FHIR connectathon participants as well as other FHIR implementers to share their implementation based practices.
  1. Administrative (max 5 minutes)
  2. Supporting FHIR dcuments and REST using BizTalk 2013 (Howard Edidin, US) (max 30 minutes)
    • They have developed solution using Microsoft BizTalk 2013 to demonstrate the use of the REST Adapter to connect to a FHIR Server. XML Messages (Inidvidual Resources and FHIR documents) will be routed to and from both SharePoint and / or Azure Services.
    • We aim to demonstrate the use of BizTalk 2013 both as a FHIR Server and consumer. The solution uses Azure BizTalk Services in order to provide a Server public interface, and Office 365 as a client. The complete solution supports the FHIR security specs.
  3. Development aspects of a Windows Phone App (Brian Postlethwaite, AU)
    • His talk will focus on implementation aspects - see video for a prior (non technical) presentation by Brian.
  4. A web-based FHIR profile editor (David Hay, AU)
    • David has created a basic web-based profile editor, not as elaborate as Forge, but sufficient for most basic use cases.

Monday Q3

  1. Administrative agenda items
  2. Other presentations

Tuesday Q2/Q3/Q4

  • FHIR/SOA Discovery Day, see [1]
    • FYI, not a joint session with AID

Tuesday Q6 (Tooling to host)

Wednesday Q4 (Joint with tooling, AID host)

  1. Other presentations