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AID 201401 Agenda

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This is the agenda of the AID HL7 User Group, which will meet during the WGM in San Antonio January 19-24, 2014.

Monday Q3 (13:45-15:00)

  1. Administrative agenda items (max 15 minutes)
    • Announcements
      • Rene: as per our DMP, I hereby announce my intent to record (video) some of the presentations; provided there are no objections.
    • Approval of the agenda, as well as the agenda for the week
  2. Implementing FHIR resource profiles (Tony Mallia, Edmond SCI, US) (max 30 minutes)
    • There is some work I would like to share on implementing FHIR resource profiles and detailed models as supplemental XML schemas. It sounds like this might be an opportunity to drill down on this area of specification and testing since there are many ways to construct FHIR resource payloads and for exchanges there needs to be a method of unification. The main focus of this technique is in the validation operation.
  3. Supporting FHIR dcuments and REST using BizTalk 2013 (Vikas Bhardwaj/Howard Edidin, US) (max 30 minutes)
    • Howard and Vikas will participate in the FHIR connecathon, with a focus on the 'FHIR document' composition/decomposition test scenarios.
    • The have developed solution using Microsoft BizTalk 2013 to demonstrate the use of the Rest Adapter to connect to a FHIR Server. Messages would be routed to and from both SharePoint and / or Azure Services.
    • We aim to demonstrate the use of BizTalk 2012 both as a FHIR Server and consumer. The solution uses Azure BizTalk Services in order to provide a Server public interface, and SharePoint (or Office 365) as a client. The complete solution will follow SOA standards.

Tues Q6 (19:00-21:00)

  • Tooling presentations; Hosted by Tooling

Wed Q4 (15:30-17:00)

  1. Administrative agenda items
    • Announcements
      • Rene: as per our DMP, I hereby announce my intent to record (video) some of the presentations; provided there are no objections.
    • approval of the agenda
    • Approval of the minutes of the Amsterdam out-of-cycle meeting
    • Approval of the scheduled AID out-of-cycle meetings
      • MOTION to approve of the organization of the following three out of cycle meetings: one to be held in May in Canada; another to be held in the Netherlands on June 3rd; and one to be held in Amsterdam on November 27th.
    • Review of the agenda for the week
    • Discussion whether or not to organize one full days worth of 'users sharing implementation experiences' after each and every HL7 connectathon (currently: FHIR connectathons)
      • Rene: this could be either the monday of the WGM (also at plenary meetings), or sunday PM as long as FHIR connectathons are scheduled for the saturday-sunday of the WGM.
      • MOTION the AID HL7 User Group regards the participants of a HL7 connectathon to be part of its target audience and hence would like to facilitate the exchange of best practices between the connectathon participants by organizing an AID meeting in conjunction with the connecthon, e.g. the day after the connectathon.
    • Review of AID Activtities
  2. FHIR-enabling existing applications (Robert Worden, Open Mapping Software, UK)
    • Most existing FHIR servers are Greenfields implementations – with a new database, new code, etc. But as FHIR takes off, there will be a big demand to FHIR-enable existing applications. Probably most FHIR servers will be of this form?
    • There is now an Open Source Toolkit to do this – to build a FHIR server on any healthcare application which has a relational database. It is being used to FHIR-enable the PAS at a London NHS Hospital. The good news is – you don’t need to write new code to do it (at least for a read-only server). It is done by mapping the application database onto FHIR logical models for resources, and so can be very quick to do. (FHIR searches generate SQL retrievals; you don’t need to code them)
    • Open Mapping Software is an open source toolkit that can also be used to FHIR-enable existing applications. For two small demo servers built in this way, and for links to the tools, instructions, etc., see
    • Robert will cover the mapping approach between legacy databases and FHIR, and he'll discuss using a FHIR search on multiple servers at once.
  3. Other agenda items

Thu Q3 (13:45-15:00 hosting the Tooling WG)

  1. Administrative agenda items
    • approval of the agenda
  2. Tooling aspects
    1. Evaluation/promotion of implementation oriented tools (see Tools for RIM based software development, our scope has widened however)
    2. Creating 'implementation packages' of HL7 standard publications, software processable expressions thereof that can be used for source coude generation, as well as other related implementation tools and toolkits.
      • AID has passed a motion that states we think the publication (by HL7) of such packages would be a good idea. Whom do we need to convince within the organization, what would it mean in practical terms, to create such packages for e.g. HL7v2, CDA, etc.?
  3. Implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) (Peter Haug, Intermountain Healthcare, US)
    • Peter has implemented NLP, and will discuss some of the implementation aspects.
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) in medicine is the subject of a great deal of discussion and research. People have used this technology to extract knowledge from the medical literature, to assist in indexing and summarizing clinical reports, to extract information for research and for clinical care, and to assist in the process of generating medical billing. There are a number of useful applications which rely on NLP.
    • Our experience at Intermountain Healthcare is principally in the realm of information extraction. We have used these tools to support research and in clinical settings as a part of computerized decision support systems. In this environment, a variety of different technologies can be applied.
  4. Other agenda items