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AID 201311 Minutes Amsterdam

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This is the agenda of the "Application Implementation and Design" (AID, formerly known as RIMBAA) out-of-cycle meeting which is to be held on November 28th in Amsterdam. The meeting venue is kindly provided by Furore.

  • Date: November 28, 2013 (09:00-17:00)
  • Language: all presentations and discussions will be in English
  • Location: Furore offices, Amsterdam, @ Bos en Lommerplein 280, 1055 RW Amsterdam
  • Directions: in Dutch, and/or Google Maps
  • Registration: There is no registration fee. The size of the meeting room is limited however, so we urge you to please sign up by adding your name to the tail end of this page.



  • Rene Spronk, Ringholm, NL
  • Michael van der Zel, UMCG, NL
  • Ewout Kramer, Furore, NL
  • Andy Stechisin, YouCentric, CA
  • Lorraine Constable, YouCentric, CA
  • Tom de Jong, Nova-Pro, NL
  • Hans Vonkeman, Furore, NL
  • Henk Enting, MGRID, NL
  • Mitchell Duim, Results4Care, NL
  • Yeb Havinga, MGRID, NL
  • Willem Dijkstra, MGRID, NL
  • Roberta Gazzarata, University of Genoa, IT
  • Mauro Giacomini, University of Genoa, IT
  • Adri Burggraaff, HL7 NL, NL(afternoon)
  • Bas van Poppel, HL7 NL
  • Bertil Reppen, Apertura,NO
  • Albana Gaba, Portavita, NL
  • Tom van der Weide, Portavita, NL
  1. Administrative agenda items
    • Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
    • Approval of updated DMP
      • Motion to approve the version as distributed (Lorraine, Andy, 10-0-0)
    • Question by ITS regarding the RIM ITS
      • Andy: ITS going thru outstanding items. RIM based ITS has been sitting there, not formally published. No questions from other parties about it. Is this still relevant?
      • Ewout: I know I used is, as did Michael. Rene: only relevant to those that really use a RIMBAA approach. Andy: it was balloted as DSTU, comment was that there should be examples. There are no known (active) implementers. Rene: create a whitepaper, but make sure there is a XSD schema.
      • To do for Ewout/Lorraine: find XSD for RIM ITS
    • Next European AID out-of-cycle
      • Rene: Next to the FHIR Dev Days in November? The previously planned event in the Netherlands was in Eindhoven, but that meetings' focus is only on the Netherlands.
      • Andy: apps4health at Mohawk in May, we'll have an AID in conjunction with that.
      • Rene: maybe hold a Dutch-language event in June, and an English one in November.
      • Andy: involve affiliates, their focus is also on implementation.
    • Review and approval of the agenda
  2. FHIR Implementation Aspects (Ewout Kramer, Furore)
    • Details to follow..
  3. Implementation of search in a FHIR server (Martijn)
    • xx
  4. Approaches to Persistence on FHIR Servers (Andy Stechishin/Lorraine Constable, YouCentric, Canada)
    • Details to follow..
  5. Persistence of FHIR Resources using the MGRID RIM based database (Willem Dijkstra, Yeb Havinga)
    • Details to follow ..
  6. Overview of RESTful DICOM (Rene Spronk)
    • DICOM has recently embraced new RESTful services for the exchange of image objects and metadata. This presentation will cover those services, and will speculate about future RESTful DICOM services as well as the relationship with HL7 FHIR.
  7. Discussion of "HL7 User groups" (Rene)