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25 May 2018 CQI Conference Call Minutes

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DRAFT MINUTES CQI WG Call May 25, 2018

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25 May 2018 - CQI Conference Call Minutes

HL7 Clinical Quality Information Workgroup
Friday, May 25, 2018 – 1-3 PM EDT
Dial in: 770-657-9270 Passcode: 217663
CQI Co-chairs: Patty Craig, Floyd Eisenberg, Juliet Rubini, KP Sethi, Yan Heras
Meeting Chair: KP
Meeting Scribe: Juliet

25 May 2018 - CQI Conference Call Attendance

Attendee Attendee's Organization Attendee's email Present
Abrar Salam The Joint Commission
Angela Flanagan Lantana Consulting Group
Ann Phillips NCQA
Anne Smith NCQA
Ben Ghahhari CMS
Ben Hamlin NCQA
Bo Borgnakke Michigan Shared Services Network yes
Bob Dieterle Enable Care, LLC
Brett Marquard River Rock Associates
Brian Alper
Bryn Rhodes ESAC yes
Chana West ESAC Inc yes
Claudia Hall Mathematica yes
Dan Donahue ESAC
Floyd Eisenberg iParsimony, LLC yes
Gay Dolin IMO
Hafsa Subhan The Joint Commission
Humberto Mandirola Biocom yes
iIkka Kunnamo jilkkakunnamo@duodecim.fl
Jamie Lehner PCPI
Jeff Schmitz yes
Jenny Brush ESAC
Joe Kunisch Memorial Hermann yes
Joe Quinn Optum
John Damore Diameter Health yes
Julia Skapik Cognitive Medicine yes
Juliet Rubini Mathematica yes
Kanwarpreet Sethi Lantana Consulting Group yes
Kathleen Connor US Dept of Veterans Affairs
Linda Michaelsen Optum yes
Lisa Anderson The Joint Commission yes
Lisa Nelson Life Over Time Solutions, LLC
Lizzie Charbonneau Mitre yes
Lorraine Constable HL7 Canada
Luke Osborne MITRE yes
Matthew Tiller ESAC
Mitra Biglari The Joint Commission
Nick Radov UHC yes
Pamela Mahan-Rudolph Memorial pamela.mahanrudolph@memorialhermann
Patty Craig The Joint Commission yes
Paul Denning MITRE yes
Ping Jiang The Joint Commission
Rebeccah Baer NCQA yes
Robert Samples ESAC Inc
Rukma Joshi ESAC Inc
Stan Rankins Telligen
Sue Kent CCF
Sweta Ladwa ESAC inc
Thomson Kuhn ACP yes
Viet Nguyen Yes
Walter Suarez Kaiser Permanente yes
Yan Heras Optimum eHealth yes
Yanyan Hu The Joint Commission
Zach May ESAC Inc Yes


  • Roll call
  • CQI Co-Chair election results
   Floyd Eisenberg (returning) and Juliet Rubini (new)
  Floyd provided a brief review of the Cologne working group meeting focusing on new project PSS's that will be voted on.
    • Comments regarding remote participation
    • PSS's approved and submitted to Clinical Steering Division:
    • Planned ballots for September 2018:
      • Project 1234 - FHIR Clinical Reasoning - current PSS is valid, requires Notice for Intent to Ballot
      • Project 1125 - QI Core - current PSS is valid, requires Notice for Intent to Ballot
      • (Project ID pending) - FHIR IG for Exchange of Data for Quality Measures
      • (Project ID pending) - EBM on FHIR - 1st ballot May 2019, Connectathons planned September 2018 and January 2019
  • New PSS for Review: Project Scope Statement - Gaps in Care - MiHIN - Eric Parapini
    • Project looks to define common data elements to represent a patient or listlevel a gaps in care report.
    • Will allow providers to see why patients are not in compliance with eCQMs at the point of care.
    • Discussion on the overlap between XX project and this Gap in Care project
    • Will review PSS with US Realm and FHIR management group
    • Was the PSS discussed with structured documents? Not at this point because we are not creating new templates or content - just reusing existing
    • Floyd moved to approve, Julia seconded
    • Vote: 21 approve, 1 abstain, 0 against
  • CQL-based HQMF Ballot Reconciliation CQL-based HQMF Reconciliation Spreadsheet for consideration - Bryn Rhodes
    • Bryn reviewed that agreement was made in Cologne last week that Option 2 would be used to respond to ballot comments moving forward. Option 2 proposes that CQL logic will be included in the composite measure packages to assist implementers with implementing composite measures.
    • Block vote 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 40, 49, 81, 90, 91, 93, 95, 97 (96 was withdrawn)
    • Bryn moved to approve the above comments with their dispositions as discussed, Floyd seconded, no further discussion
    • Vote: 20 approve, 0 abstain, 0 against
  • CQL ballot issue review (ballot still open until June 6) - Bryn Rhodes
    • Original ballot was posted with erroneous materials and was corrected - so ballot cycle was extended to June 6th
    • Should 'FROM' clause be required for all queries? Discussions ongoing but waiting for full ballot comments to be returned.
    • FHIRpath items will be voted on during Tuesday's ITS call
  • IPPS Rule Comments - Walter Suarez
    • Walter provided an overview of the IPPS rule and items specific to quality measurement
    • Comments are do to HL7 policy advisory committee by June 3rd
    • CQI will review again during June 1 work group call
  • Project Updates
    • CQI Project Updates
      • HL7 CDA® Release 2 Implementation Guide: Quality Reporting Document Architecture Category I (QRDA I) Release 1, STU Release 4 - US Realm (PI ID: 210)
      • HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA III), Release 1 - US Realm (PI ID: 896)
      • HL7 Version 3 Standard: Representation of the Health Quality Measures Format (eMeasure), Release 1 (PI ID: 508)
      • HL7 Version 3 Implementation Guide: Quality Data Model (QDM)-based Health Quality Measure Format (HQMF), Release 1 - US Realm (PI ID: 756)
      • HL7 Version 3 Implementation Guide: Clinical Quality Language (CQL)-based Health Quality Measure Format (HQMF), Release 1 - US Realm (PI ID: 1142)
      • HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Clinical Quality Framework (CQF on FHIR), Release 1 (PI ID: 1234) (Co-Primary with CDS)
      • HL7 FHIR® Profile: Quality, Release 1 - US Realm (PI ID: 1125)
      • HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: Supplemental QRDA Clinical Quality Data Sharing User Guide, Release 1 (PI ID: 1215)
      • FHIR IG for Exchange of Data for Quality Measures (PI ID: pending)
    • Co-sponsored Project Updates (5 min)
      • HL7 Cross-Paradigm Specification: Clinical Quality Language, Release 1 (PI ID: 1108) (CDS Primary, CQI co-sponsor)
      • HL7 Cross-Paradigm Specification: CIMI Logical Models, Release 1 (PI ID: 1253) (CIMI Primary, CQI co-sponsor)
      • HL7 Cross Paradigm Specification: Neutral Mapping Notation, R1 (Project 1237 – FluentPath - Aligning FHIRPath with CQL --- co-sponsoring with CDS, ITS <primary>, FHIR)
      • CrossParadigm IG Medical Device Interoperability (PSS: CrossParadigm_IG_Medical_Device_interoperability.v.4.docx)
      • Composite KNART Investigation (PSS: 1336)
      • CrossParadigm_Storyboard_Artifact_Payer_Value_Based_Care(PSS: 1347)
      • Clinical Decision Support Big Picture Implementation Guide (PI ID: tbd) (Arden Syntax Primary, CQI and CDS co-sponsor)
      • FHIR Public Health Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) (PI ID: tbd) CQI and CDS co-sponsor with CIMI as an interested party)
      • US FHIR Core Updates PSS (PI ID: 1265) (US FHIR Primary, CQI and CDS co-sponsor with CIMI as an interested party)
      • Evidence-Based Medicine on FHIR (CDS sponsor, CQI co-sponsor) EBM on FHIR Project Initiation Tasks (Project ID pending)
  • Notifications
    • New Project Scope Statements - May 27, 2018
    • Harmonization
      • Initial proposals due - June 22, 2018
      • Final proposals due - July 20, 2018
      • Harmonization meeting - July 25 and 26, 2018
    • Notification for Intent to Ballot deadline - July 6, 2018
    • Initial Content Deadline - July 4, 2018
    • Reconciliation Content Deadline - August 3, 2018
    • Final ballot content due - August 19, 2018
    • Ballot opens – August 24, 2018 – September 24, 2018
    • WGM – September 29 - October 5, 2018 (Baltimore, MD)
  • Next CQI Workgroup Call: June 1, 2018