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2018 04 11 Minutes - Technical Team

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Alex, Lisa, George Dixon, Thomson Kuhn, Sean Muir, Emma Jones

=Agenda -Review to date -Review current rendering -Document feedback

Discussion Points

  • Reviewed the Wiki
    • Outstanding bugs folded into the CDA R2.0 style sheet and incorporated into new CDA R2.1 stylesheet
    • Added 2.1 updates
      • Internationalization was added, external links are now available. Label text calls out to a language file that is separate from the stylesheet.
      • Applied changes to address new stuff, using the spreadsheet of release notes for CDA R2.1
    • Single style sheet will work with both CDA R2.0 and CDA R2.1
    • Thom asked about covering all ballot comment revisions and Alex confirmed they are all addressed
    • Alex reviewed the website where the stylesheet work is being developed.
      • He showed the set of example files from multiple Realms
      • These samples pull the stated language, or assumes US English as the default (same for labels)
      • If you specify a new key and don't add it to the language file, it will show the key.
    • Reviewed header treatment
    • Reviewed subsections
    • Thom asked if we could be specific in the TOC to show if a section has no information (section tag carries a nullFlavor="NI")
    • George asked if the subsections could be revealed only when on the higher level section - accordion style
    • Sean, is it 508 Compliant?
    • Lisa asked if the color selection could be implemented in a way that was more easily editable.
    • The group debated the use of CSS
      • Maybe we should try to keep this as simple as possible.
      • Thom, maybe we should offer guidance on how to
    • Reviewed some other Realm rendering looks.
      • We looked at one in Black and grays - which sample
      • We may want to borrow the color scheme in black and gray
      • We may want to consider using the stationary header
      • Also looked at
    • We discussed having a different version for printing. Alex already created a different printing format with much less color.
      • George mentioned the state of new york requires a large font size for the print format - how would we
    • How to include a graph as base-64? calling an image
      • How could you create a graph in the file automatically?
      • You can create svg on the fly to draw something on the fly (Alex knows how to do this--but it is beyong creating stylesheets.
    • The style sheet supports the document using links that are:
      • relative to something outside the document
      • internal to the document
      • to something fixed
    • We need a "top" button to always take you back to the top. (This may not be needed if the TOC stays visible.)
      • Emma asked if the style sheet could be switched
      • The job of this stylesheet is only to provide a complete rendering option for the CDA file outside of the context of an EHR system.

Action Items

  • Lisa will send Alex a sample document with a nullFlavored section
  • Sean will see if there are any color recommendations or if the see any other issues.
  • Lisa will create some file coloring recommendations and review those with SDWG for more input.
  • Sean will use some of Alex's samples to confirm if there are any 508 compliance issues
  • Alex will make some additional revisions:
    • New way to handle color and a new gray-scale scheme implemented
    • Stationary slim header at top, maybe adding a back to top button

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be scheduled once we have progress to report on the action items taken in this meeting