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201809 FHIR Subscriptions

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FHIR Subscriptions

Dedicated Zulip chat stream for this track.

Previous Subscriptions Connectathons

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group



This track is an important step in advancing the maturity of the interactions and resources associated with FHIR Subscriptions.

The subscription pub/sub pattern enables FHIR clients to retrieve data from a server without performing a more expensive periodic polling queries.

Proposed Track Lead

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

Jenni Syed

FHIR version


Expected participants

Cerner, <your name here!>


FHIR Server

The FHIR Server supports the Subscription resource and pushing relevant FHIR resources to client.

  • Must expose a Subscriptions resource supporting read, create and update.
  • Must also act as a FHIR client to send notifications.

Subscribing client

Subscribes to FHIR server and gets updates.

  • Must create a Subscriptions instance on external FHIR server.
  • Must expose an endpoint to accept notifications.


Create FHIR Subscription

Action: Subscribing client creates a Subscription instance on FHIR Server.
Precondition: n/a
Success Criteria: Subscribing client POSTs new subscription resource to FHIR server. FHIR Server persists active subscription resource. Subscribing client can read newly created Subscription.
Bonus point: Subscribing client updates Subscription instance's status element to _off_ once the subscription is no longer needed. FHIR server respects this setting.

REST Hook with payload of "payload": "application/fhir+json"

Action: FHIR Server notifies Subscribing client by pushing a FHIR resource to the endpoint identified in the subscription resource instance.
Precondition: Create FHIR Subscription scenario
Success Criteria: FHIR server pushes FHIR payload of relevant resource using REST Hook when the subscribed event occurs in the FHIR server..
Bonus point: n/a