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201809 EBMonFHIR

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Track Name


Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

Clinical Decision Support WG


This is the first connectathon of this new EBMonFHIR project. Implementers need to work together to confirm ability to share the most basic element of "Summary of Findings" reports used heavily across systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines.

The EBMonFHIR project team evaluated existing FHIR resources and found adaptations to meet the current needs to be cumbersome. We would like to create a new evidenceSynthesis resource to meet this first use case.

The EBMonFHIR project page can be found at

Proposed Track Lead

Brian Alper balper (at) brian.alper

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

Expected participants

EBSCO Health



4 implementers in Europe would like to participate and want to know if remote or satellite participation can occur:

-- Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd.

-- EvidencePrime


-- Cochrane


Please include information here regarding how much advance preparation will be required if creating a client and/or server.

Evidence Reporter

Transmit a summary of findings from medical research.

Evidence Consumer

Receive a summary of findings from medical research.


Share Summary of Findings data between two evidence reporting systems

Action: The Evidence Reporter will transmit a Summary of Findings table as a series of evidenceSynthesis resources, and the Evidence Consumer will receive it and reproduce the Summary of Findings table in their system's format.
Precondition: None
Success Criteria: The data displayed in the Summary of Findings results in the format of the Evidence Consumer is consistent with the results of the Evidence Reporter.
Bonus point: Bonus #1 can be sharing reference citations in a form that can be reproduced between systems. Bonus #2 can be sharing a summary of results from an individual study, potentially using evidenceBit resources.


Security and Privacy Considerations