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201809 Consumer Mediated Data Exchange (CMDE)

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Consumer Mediated Data Exchange

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

Andy Stechishin

Kathleen Connor

Aaron Seib


Related tracks

Proposed Track Lead

Andy Stechishin

Kathleen Connor

Aaron Seib

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

Expected participants


Role 1

Source of Record Acts as intermediary

Actor: HIE, EHR, immunization registries


Role 2

Electronic Consent Management System (eCMS)

Actor: Form filler FHIR SDC Questionnaire & QuestionnaireResponse, resource transformer, consent directive repository

Captures e-consent form and turns it into a computable consent directive

Role 3

IZ Client: Immunization record viewer or client app

Actor: EHR, patient portal, school documentation systems, personal health apps

Allows record to be viewed, managed and further distributed

Role 4

ACS/SLS: Access control system / security labeling service

Actor: Rules Engine

Pulls consent directive to get policy, apply security label, and enforce filtering to the requested IZ resource


Scenario Step 1 Name

Success Criteria:
Bonus point:


Security and Privacy Considerations