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20180824 PLA call

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HL7 PLA Call Minutes


Date: 2018-08-24
Time: 11:30 AM
Facilitator Mary Kay/ Austin Note taker(s) Mary Kay
Attendee Name

x Calvin Beebe
x Lorraine Constable
Jean Duteau,
Tony Julian
x Paul Knapp
Austin Kreisler,
x Mary Kay McDaniel
Brian Pech
Wayne Kubick
John Roberts
x John Moehrke
no quorum definition


  • Agenda review
  • Discussion
    • Recommendation to TSC re: CIMI Management Group
    • V2 management group updates
    • Wednesday Q0 Management Group Council - moved from Monday; need to notify/invite
    • Future of PLA
  • notional division of products into product families and lines, to provide examples for peer review.
    • Level of granularity
    • Identify which pieces are orphaned, and the political elements to be surfaced.
    • Positioning cross-product family artifacts (standards naming)
  • BAM-lite feedback and review
    • Governance on V2.x (v2.9 substantive changes)
    • develop form to request establishing a Product Family


  • CIMI-MG. Formal decision, yes or no?
    • MOTION: PLA make recommendation to TSC to defer establishing a CMIM-MG. Austin, Paul 2nd.
    • VOTE: 5-0-0
    • Reason for delay: 1) Lack of international interest and participation in CIMI, means it is likely a US Realm activity. 2) Perception that it is still very early in their product methodology maturity.
  • Update/ Member V2-MG
    • Elizabeth and Frank were elected as interim co-chairs. Frank updating Confluence pages. Working on meeting dates. Will be meeting every week between now and WGM.
    • Nick Radov did send through a nomination. Did not find nomination for Pete, but believe he would make a great addition. Hand-off to SGB.
    • Wednesday Q0 Management Group Council - moved from Monday; need to notify/invite
    • ?? Isn't this US Realm or are they meeting some other time. What else does it bump up against???
      • MK check with HQ and then send out email.
  • Celebrate Success: Talk to Wayne about the Product Management Council
    • 3 product families in motion
    • Need to put together a communication plan and celebrate it in some way
    • Article for newsletter
    • Include responsibilities, who they are, etc.
    • Announce at General Session, Co-Chair dinner, add to morning PPTs - Austin will do
    • Product management council agenda - THANK the participants at the very beginning
    • ??who puts together the agenda - CTO. Let Wayne know to add to the agenda.
    • Ribbons for the Product Management Groups going forward - HQ, maybe Mary Ann???
  • PLA Next steps:
    • Organizing all non-product family items into the "OTHER" MG. Product family for all other products.
    • Board is looking for a Management function over the miscellaneous products
    • This would be the logical group to put this together
    • Needs a name
    • Need to get a list of products (Arden, CCOW, etc.)
    • Drive some type of consistency
    • Basic Quality Methodology across the products
    • May not be a clear methodology group
    • Management Group Health Metrics to determine how well they are executing on their goals
    • How to measure the health of a management group
  • Deferred CIMI-MG
    • Cross Functional Models
    • Produce artifacts, just not directly implemented strategy
    • Larger architectural things that cross domains, Mapping - Vocabulary - RDAMs -
    • All conceptual logical modeling based in the same tool
    • Tooling consolidation phase (needs to be managed somewhere) not necessarily a PLA thing
    • Publishing strategy/ Balloting strategy
    • Working with Spark to get EA in the cloud and free for WGs to use
  • Review /help with BAM updates and cliff notes
    • BAM overview
    • where to put when authoring, where to approve, where to display
  • Next meeting: September 7th

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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