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20180313 OO FHIR conCall

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HL7 OO on FHIR (for Orders and Observations)

Call in details:
Phone: +1 515) 739-1430, Passcode: 294586

Join the meeting at:

Date: 2018/03/13
02:00 PM (Eastern Time, GMT -04 DST)
Quorum = chair + 4 yes

scope="col" Co chairs Chair Notetaker
Riki Merrick
Rob Hausam X X
Lorraine Constable
Patrick Lloyd
KD Nolan
Hans Buitendijk

X Eric Haas
Hans Buitendijk
Jose Costa-Teixeira
Dan Rutz
X Rob Hausam
Andrea Pitkus
X Kathy Walsh
X Marti Velezis
Bob Milius
Elliot Silver
X Lou Bedor
Lisa Anderson
Brian Reinhold
John Rhoads
X Bruce Mountjoy
Martin Rosner
X Jack Wallace
X Kathleen M

  • Roll Call


Device and UDI and DeviceComponent:

Edit and review Device "notes to balloters" text.

3 options discussed:

Whether the Device represents the device “instance” or the “kind”

Currently, the Device resource represents both an ‘instance’ of a device (e.g., an IM pin with serial number 123) and a ‘kind’ of device (e.g., 3ml syringes). The lists below identify the elements associated with kind and instance respectively. Note that both kind and instance related elements are typically present when representing instance of a device. To clearly differentiate the ‘kind’ of device from the “instance’ of a device there are several proposals have been put forth:

1) Create separate resources for kind vs instance of Device

2) Create profile from the Device resource for representing a Device Kind

3) Reorder the elements and group by ‘kind’ and ‘instance’ within the Device resource.

UDI for multipart devices

1) Group individual Devices in the Procedure resource. There would be as many devices as necessary represented, but each device will have zero to one DI and UDI. There is no way to define the relationship between devices with DeviceComponent unless add a reference of DeviceComponent in Procedure.

2) Make the Device a logical construct to support a device that has zero to one DIs (represent type) with multiple UDIs (instance).

3) Make the Device allow multiple component Devices to represent a number of inter-related devices with the device system where each Component Device would have zero to one DIs with multiple UDIs. This option is similar to the

Merging DeviceComponent with Device

Similar to the 3rd option above for UDI for multipart devices, there is discussion within the Devices working group to harmonize the representation Personal Healthcare Devices (PHD) with Point of Care Device (POCD) by merging DeviceComponent within Device.

Next steps: Eric to edit, review with Marti and apply ballot notes to the build

Stopped here

Next time...

Ready to Vote:

  • 15522 Allow DiagnosticReport.result to be RiskAssessment too preapplied -subject to freeze
  • Pulled from block B: 15515 %22Specimen+collection+method%22+value+set+needs+cleanup (Francois Macary) change to Persuasive : essentially use the recommended VS as an example binding preapplied -subject to freeze
  • 15516 Remove+guidance+suggesting+codes+can+be+sent+in+Device.identifier (Lloyd McKenzie) Persuasive with Mod Preapplied - not subject to freeze
  • 15666 Add Location reference to Specimen preapplied -subject to freeze


  • NEW 15681 add choice of duration to Observation.effective[x]

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