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201801 Electronic Case Reporting

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Electronic Case Reporting

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

Public Health (PH)


Electronic case reporting has been maturing in the CDA product family, and FHIR case reporting specifications are now also being being developed. This track will explore various aspects of FHIR case reporting as they mature, beginning with trigger code representation and dissemination, expanding to decision support logic and other transactions to support case reporting and management as those aspects mature in future Connectathons. This track could include discussions on additional resource needs for these use cases.

Proposed Track Lead

  • John Loonsk
  • Rick Geimer

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

Expected participants

  • APHL
  • CDC
  • CGI Federal
  • Epic
  • Lantana Consulting Group


Please include information here regarding how much advance preparation will be required if creating a client and/or server.

Public Health

Responsible for managing and disseminating trigger codes and decision logic.

Public Health Agency

Jurisdiction or agency that will receive and manage case reports, and at times send and/or receive reportability responses.


Organizations in the information flow between a health care organization and a public health agency. Examples include HIEs, the shared platform supported by APHL and CSTE, etc.

Health Care Organization

Organization that submits case reports based on trigger codes, and receives trigger code updates and reportability responses. The health care organization can be supported by an EHR vendor in this role.


Update Trigger Codes on Public Health FHIR Server

Action: Public Health determines that the current trigger code value sets require an update. The appropriate value sets are updated using PUT. Also update trigger codes as a Bundle of ValueSet resources so they can be updated as a whole set.
Precondition: Original trigger code value sets exist on test server
Success Criteria: Value sets are successfully updated and can be retrieved on demand with GET
Bonus point:

Subscribe to Trigger Code Updates

Action: Provider organization uses Subscription to subscribe to changes to trigger code value sets (or value set Bundle) using any legal notification method.
Precondition: Original trigger code value sets exist on test server
Success Criteria: Provider organization is notified and receives a copy of any trigger code value sets that are updated
Bonus point:

Ingest Trigger Codes into EHR

Action: Provider organization receives a trigger code update, and ingests the trigger codes into their EHR to support case report initiation.
Precondition: Trigger codes updates have been received by provider organization
Success Criteria: Trigger code updates successfully ingested into EHR
Bonus point:


Security and Privacy Considerations