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   Ed Helton (Chair)
   Ed Helton
   Hugh Glover (Chair)
   Hugh Glover (Chair)
   Myron Finseth (Chair)
   Myron Finseth
   Boris Brodsky (Chair, Scribe)
   Boris Brodsky (Scribe)
   Nagesh Basham
   Nagesh Basham
   Jenny Brush
   Jenny Brush

Latest revision as of 13:37, 18 June 2018


 Ed Helton
 Hugh Glover (Chair)
 Myron Finseth
 Boris Brodsky (Scribe)
 Nagesh Basham
 Jenny Brush
 Joel Finkle
 Bill Friggle
 Norman Gregory
 Catherine Hosage Norman
 Julie James
 Gayathri Jayawardena 
 Jane Pollack
 Rachael Roan
 Rik Smithies

Agenda Items and notes

1. Minutes Approval

  • Last conference call minutes to approve

Motion to approve – Ed/ (second/abstained?)

Motion to approve – Dragon/Ed – no discussion – Catherine, Bill Finkle abstained – approved

 Have an open NIB, have received approval from the US Steering Committee
 Will provide update to BR&R on another call

Motion to approve – Jane Pollack/Myron – no discussion – nobody abstained – no negatives – approved

2. Project and PSS Review and Approval

Key Dates

Publishing Calendar
NIB July 15th
Initial Content Submission July 29th
Final Content August 19th
FHIR All FHIR Deadlines
Deadline for connectathon proposals to FMG June 6th
Work groups notify the FMG to reballot July 1st
NIB July 15th 
Reconciliation packages must be posted August 5th
Content freeze August 17th
Tracking Projects on Confluence

2.1 #1426 Women’s Health Technology Coordinated Registry Network (CRN)

Project Insight Link

2.2 #1425 CDISC Lab Semantics in FHIR

Project Insight Link

 Last meeting June 6th
 Future sessions to alternate with regular BR&R Calls
 September Connectathon content will be limited just to lab items
 The work continues on LB domain mappings

2.3 #1424 Common Data Model Harmonization (CDMH) - FHIR Implementation Guide

Project Insight Link

 - PSS approved in Cologne 
 - (what do we need to track?)
 - Still need co-sponsorship approval from the CIC
     Will follow up at the next call

2.4 #1416 Exploration of FHIR resources to support of IDMP 11238/19844 Substances Standard and Technical Specification.

Project Insight Link

 - FHIR Substance resource transfer from O&O to BR&R was approved in Cologne
   A formal request to FMG has followed
 - Per BR&R request, HL7 has added the review of the attached Substance Specification PSS to the FGM agenda on June 13th
 - O&O has agreed to co-sponsor, and Pharmacy will consider approving following the FMG review

2.5 #1310 BRIDG Model Update (BRIDG Release 5.0.1/HL7 BRIDG R3 is being updated)

Project Insight Link

 Summary of changes:
   - O&O co-sponsoring 
   - Addressing a long-standing need for the digital pathology structured report (framework provided by the College of American Pathologies)
   - BRIDG has worked with DICOM to provide the structure  Correction requested to “BRIDG 5.1” and R5
 Discussed synchronizing BRIDG and HL7 numbering schemas
   - Smita will check to ensure the right project number


3.1 FHIR Tracker Items

Current BR&R Open Items
All FHIR Tracker Items

4. Action Item List

Link to list
 - BRIDG re-architecture items need to be added, and prioritized (with LOE) by the next group – Smita
 - EPIC made comments re IHE profile that EHR vendors are implemented has BRIDG references to it
   May need to do a PSS, will invite EHR vendors at the next meeting to discuss

5. AOB

 - May not be instantly available upon registration
 - However, much easier to use than Wiki, so need to resolve the connectivity issues
 - Hugh will provide a quick Confluence use session at the beginning of the next call
  • Baltimore Connectathon Proposals
    • CDISC Lab Model
    • Adverse Event
    • Real World Evidence / Demographics
    • Event schedule
    • Substances ???? - this was not on the list but could perhaps be added

  • Medication Model / Medication Knowledgebase / 11615
 - MedicinalProduct is a new resource, with some overlap with existing Medication[various] set of classes
   Also there is a newly planned MedicationKnowledge resource, which covers use for drug databases etc.
   There is overlap between the 2 (sets of) new resources
   Hence, need a logical model to consolidate and structure the information
   BR&R needs to track closely (alignment with IDMP, etc)
 - There is less overlap for SubstanceSpecification, which is fairly separate from Substance
   No other "SubstanceKnowledge" resource is planned
   Therefore, no logical model is required
 - Interested in interoperability of data related to genomics, how to transfer genomic information
 - Related to Sync for Genes (with Bob Milius)
 - Will ask for a short presentation at the next meeting (by whom?)