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2018-05-13 SGB WGM Agenda

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HL7 SGB Minutes

Location: Salon 21, Mannheim

Date: 2018-05-13
Time: 11:00 AM CET
Facilitator Paul/Lorraine Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee Name

x Calvin Beebe
x Lorraine Constable
Russ Hamm
Regrets Tony Julian
x Paul Knapp
Regrets Austin Kreisler
x Wayne Kubick
x Thom Kuhn
Ken McCaslin
x Rik Smithies
Sandy Stuart
x Cecil
x Mary Kay McDaniel, Scott Robertson

Quorum: Chair + 4


  • Agenda review
  • Approve Minutes of 2018-05-02_SGB_Conference_Call
  • Action Items
  • Discussion Topics - Joint with ARB
    • Product management council meeting planning
    • V2, CIMI, CDA Management Groups
    • Review of issues arising in Saturday TSC meeting
    • Vocabulary requirements for refresh in published artifacts (Wayne)
    • Review of SGB/TSC presentation for co-chair dinner


  • Agenda review
  • Discussion Topics - Joint with ARB
    • Calvin brings ballot issue: CDA 2.1 has a question regarding substantivity. Two sections of the document, which were not in ballot scope, were unintentionally missing from the ballot. Paul states that isn’t substantive if they put it back.
    • Product management council meeting planning
      • Reviewed Wayne’s slide and made adjustments
    • Review of Wayne’s roadmap presentation. Discussion of where each product is in its life cycle. Calvin suggests that down the road Wayne separate FHIR into its different components, because they vary in maturity. Highlights inconsistency of data types; may be an issue for SGB. Discussed topics in tooling section. Another category could be implementation tools.
      • May want to look at guiding principles for tooling in an upcoming SGB call
    • Review of SGB/TSC presentation for co-chair dinner
      • Reviewed slides and made adjustments.

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