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2018-05-08 BR&R Conf Call

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  • Boris Brodsky (Co-chair)
  • Ed Helton (Co-chair)
  • Hugh Glover (Co-chair)
  • Myron Finseth (Co-chair, Scribe)
  • Julia Chen
  • Julie Evans
  • Norman Gregory
  • Smita Hastak
  • Wendy Ver Hoef
  • Ulli Wagner
  • Andy Iverson
  • Bart Phillips
  • Robinette Renner
  • Jane Pollack
  • Marti Velesis
  • Dragon
  • Jim Rogers
  • Shifu Zhao
  • Gary Saner
  • Gayathri Jayawardena
  • Behnaz Minaei
  • Terrie Reed

Agenda Items and notes

1. Minutes Approval

  • Approve minutes from conference call on April 24th:Jane Pollack motioned; Jim Rogers second. Bill Gregory abstained.

2. May WGM Agenda

Draft is at wc 2018-05-14 BR&R WG Meeting

3. PSS Review and Approval

3.1 Federal Women’s Health Technology Coordinated Registry Network (CRN) PSS

  • Presentation of PSS (Dragon & Marti)
  • Proposed that BR&R Sponsor the project with Myron Finseth BR&R facilitator
  • Gayathri Jayawardena to make some suggested changes to the PSS and return to BR&R Co-Chairs before 5/11.
  • BR&R to present PSS with PC WG during Cologne meetings for co-sponsorship.
  • BR&R will approve the PSS during the Cologne meetings.
  • Members requested that a teleconference line to this meeting for those who could not attend in Cologne.
  • Hugh recommended adding a reference to CIMI work or other interested parties.
  • Ed motioned to approve BR&R sponsorship of project; Boris second; no abstentions no negatives; motion passed.
  • When PSS is finalized, BR&R will need to approve. group can approve in Cologne. If necessary can approve 5/22.
  • Patient Care needs to Co-Sponsor


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5. AOB

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