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2018-04-11 Learning Health Systems Call

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Facilitator Russell Leftwich Note taker(s) Emma Jones
Attendee Name Affiliation

X Russell Leftwich InterSystems
John Roberts Tennessee Department of Health
X Stephen Chu Individual
Evelyn Gallego ONC
Kathy Walsh LabCorp
Asim Muhammad Philips Research Europe
Laura Heermann-Langford Intermountain Healthcare
X Emma Jones Allscripts
Jeff Brown Cancerlinq
X Lisa Nelson Individual
Dave Carlson VA
Chris Melo Phillips Healthcare
Michelle Miller Cerner
Benjamin Kummer Columbia University
Matt Rhan
Michael Padula
Joseph Quinn
Thomson Kuhn
Rob Hausum
Serafina Versaggi VA
Ann Whiz
Kathleen Conner
Bridget McCabe
Lisa Gonzalez
Bridget Burke
X Claude Nanjo


  • Chair: Russell Leftwich
  • Scribe: Emma Jones
  • Motion to approve April 4 call minutes: ?? moved , ?? second: moved to next call.
  • Agenda
    • Other business
    • CIMI Modeling

Snomed missing valueset elements

  • SNOMED will modify nurse educator to include patient as the audience
  • ED provider is Accident doctor due to the UK/british term for ED - will be ED provider will be added as a synonym

LOINC updates to Care Team type value set

  • Swapna sent the LOINC codes
  • Next steps for the codes is to be used by HL7 CDA example task force - update the narrative only Care Team example
    • Parallel exercise is to communicate with Michelle Miller to get this valueset into FHIR as well.
    • Lisa and Stephen will coordinate and report progress during the HL7 WGM.

CIMI Modeling - presented by Claude

  • Reviewed requirements
    • Family member who have learned a specific skill set (e.g. home dialysis) or can provide skilled services
    • Escalation of communication to include back-update (fall-back)
    • Not just assuming the communication is done but it can be role based.
    • Requirement about when care team member would be active in a care team - not everyone is active all the time. Could be current at specific point in time.
    • care team members who do not belong on the care team but for politcal reasons may remain on the care team.
    • Discussion about the existance of 'one'care team or 'multiple' care teams
    • Longitudinal care team concepts need to be explored.
    • For administrative reasons may have many different care teams depending on what's going on with the patient.
    • From the patient perspective - will be one care team
    • There could be both - new instance oc a care team or new version of a given instance of a care team.
    • Would be useful to find EHRs that can assist with defining this work - Claude will contact Epic.
  • Homework: Claude request we review the requirements captured so far and provide feedback.
  • See updated Requirements