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2018-04-10 BR&R Conf Call

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  • Ed Helton (Chair)
  • Hugh Glover (Chair)
  • Myron Finseth (Chair, scribe)
  • Julia Chen
  • Ginny Hussong
  • Jean Duteau
  • Julie Evans
  • Bill Friggle
  • Norman Gregory
  • Smita Hastak
  • Wendy Ver Hoef
  • Ulli Wagner
  • Catherine Hosage Norman
  • Robinette Renner
  • Jim Rogers

Agenda Items and notes

1. Minutes Approval

Minutes from conference call 27th March approved. Jim Rogers motioned; Julie Evans second

2. May WGM Agenda

Draft is at wc 2018-05-14 BR&R WG Meeting

  • Ed Helton will not be able to attend. Need to plan a conference call with Ed during this meeting (sometime ???).

WGM schedule discussion:

  • Need 1 quarter for BRIDG ballot reconciliation (Wednesday?)
  • Need 1 quarter for Lab Model(Wednesday?)
  • Hugh suggested finding time to discuss use cases.
  • Smita suggested talking about activities or mapping.
  • Boris previously recommended a quarter for Regulations.
  • Rik Smithies previously recommended a quarter on IDMP resources
  • Jean Duteau recommended time for Medication and Adverse event
  • Julie Evans Recommended Research subject. Perhaps this could be discussed during the BRIDG lab reconciliation.
  • Need a quarter joint meeting with O&O to discuss Lab Pathology/DICOM. Smita and Riki to lead. This should take place after luch so that Ed Helton can call in to this meeting.
  • Ed asked Robinette -- architecture of BRIDG in FHIR.

3. PSS Review and Approval



4.1 FHIR Tracker Items

  • Tracker 14314. De-identification of patients within the ResearchSubject resource. Contact Hugo Leroux(Julie Evans)

4.2 IDMP Related Models

  • Closure of PSS #1338 and draft a new one (Boris Brodsky)

4.3 Lab model in conjunction with Transcelerate

  • Julie is almost ready to start on this activity.

4.4 Medication and Device Information

  • Possible new initiative (Boris Brodsky)

4.5 Clinicians on FHIR

  • ClinFHIR demonstration (Hugh Glover)

Hugh gave a demonstration:

  • Save information to a FHIR server
  • Retrieve information from a FHIR server (medication info, adverse event)
  • Hugh suggested sketching out a BR&R use case for the ClinFHIR tool
  • Gives a quick idea of what needs to be constrained and what needs to be added.

4.6 Oncology use of AE Resource

  • FDA expressed interest in looking more into AE resources for oncology (Boris Brodsky)

5. Action Item List

  • Nothing at this time

6. AOB

  •  ???