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2018-04-06 CDAMG Conference Call

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HL7 CDAMG Minutes

Location: Conference Call

Date: 2018-03-16
Time: 2:00 PM (ET)
Facilitator Lisa Note taker(s) Lisa
Attendee Name

George Dixon
Jean Duteau
X Rick Geimer
Kai Heitmann
Excused Brett Marquard
X Linda Michaelsen
Dale Nelson
X Lisa Nelson
X Andrew Statler
Quorum: Chair +3

Agenda & Minutes

  • Welcome
  • Approve Minutes of 2018-03-16_CDAMG_Conference_Call
    • Approved by Consensus
  • Agenda review
  • Discussion Topics
    • Publication Request Review: (None Scheduled)
      • C-CDA on FHIR Mapping and Profile Update Project
        • Reviewed PSS [1]
        • Rick described the project.
        • Motion to approve this PSS Rick/Linda 0-0-3
        • Lisa will send to HL7 with other project notes in order to start the RFP writing
    • Update on New CMG members nominations
      • SGB needs to approve the letter. Lisa asked Anne to increase the RSVP date to 4 weeks after the SGB approval date.
    • Asset Inventory Work
      • Review progress on CMG Wiki changes - what's left to be completed? (Brett)
        • Need a CDA logo - no further discussion today
        • Need to modify the top - no further discussion today
        • Jean will update the CDA-IAT info - no further discussion today
    • Review progress toward having a Project Dashboard
      • Linda and Lisa reviewed the messy list of projects and ballotted artifact. The list is a big mess.
      • Can't align ballotted artifacts with PSSs
      • Can't find artifacts on the Master Grid even though the list says they are published and you can find them in google.
      • Finding items in the CDA family on the Master Grid, but they are not on our list
      • Lisa thinks this situation should be reviewed with Dave Hamill
      • Review progress to add NIB artifacts - what is the goal for this list? (Lisa/Linda)
        • Goal is to understand where there are "active" CDA templates defined
    • Discuss project to make recommendations on how to improve the website publishing of CDA artifacts
      • How much control we have to make changes in this page (Andew, info from Lynn)
        • What can we change on the page?
        • Can we change anything inside the search box to have a Family of C-CDA?
        • Can we get stats on the number of downloads of the standard?
      • Andrew has an open question in and expects an answer next week
    • Discuss CDA Product Roadmap - not discussed
    • Discuss cancelling on 3/30 - Linda, Rick, and Andrew will be working. Lisa is away.
      • No reason to cancel the meeting.
    • Planning for May WG in Cologne
      • Monday (May 10th), Q0
        • Architectural Review,FHIR Management Group,Standards Goverance Board,CDA Management Group has been invited to join Technical Steering Committee at the May 2018 HL7 International Working Group Meeting
      • CMG meeting Monday, Q4
        • Will be there: Andrew, Rick, Lisa, Brett, Kai
        • Will not there:Linda, Dale, George
        • Don't know: Jean

Meeting Outcomes

  • Lisa to send PSS for CCDA to FHIR mapping to Dave Hamill and Wayne along with other project notes
  • Lisa to book a meeting with Dave Hamill to discuss the Project dashboard
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • March 30, 2:00pm ET

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