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====3.1 FHIR Tracker Items====
====3.1 FHIR Tracker Items====
* Subject Revision (JE)
* Subject Revision (Julie Evans)
====3.2 IDMP Related Models====
====3.2 IDMP Related Models====

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  • xxx (Chair) xxx (Scribe)

Agenda Items and notes

1. Minutes Approval

Minutes from conference call 13th March

2. PSS Review and Approval

2.1 IDMP Models

  • Progress in 2 outstanding PSS's (Boris Brodsky)


3.1 FHIR Tracker Items

  • Subject Revision (Julie Evans)

3.2 IDMP Related Models

  • Nothing at this time (but see PSS item)

3.3 Lab model in conjunction with Transcelerate

  • Report back on initial mapping (Julie Evans)

4. Action Item List

  • Nothing at this time

5. AOB

  • Possible use of the wiki for agendas and minutes (HG)
  • Revisions to Activity model - continuation from WGM (HG)