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2018-01 PA WGM Agenda

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Patient Administration work group meeting, January 2017, New Orleans, USA

Day Date am/pm Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Monday Jan 29 AM Q1 Business med.gif Welcome and introductions

Line Saele Alex de Leon xxxx
Q2 Business med.gif FHIR
  • New Proposals
  • Feedback from Connectathon
Brian Postlethwaite Alex de Leon xxxx
PM Q3 Business med.gif FHIR ballot reconciliation - Patient
  • 14333 - Provide more clarity between administrativeGender, sex, and gender identity
  • 14154 - Searching a patient by Identifier Type
  • 14099 - Guidance on how to request a new identifier (e.g. MRN)

As time permits:

  • 14341 - Replace "hermaphrodite" with "intersex"

If we are bored:

  • 14174 - herd should be able to reference the owner
Line Saele Alex de Leon xxxx
Q4 Technical med.gif FHIR ballot reconciliation - Encounter
  • 14230 - Encounter type codes don't accomodate "long term stay"
  • 14157 - Reorganize the elements of Encounter for better tracking ablitities
  • 13702 - Encounter needs staus code "waiting"

As time permits:

  • 14307 - Consider property name clarification for Encounter.class and Encounter.type
  • 13668 - Remove reference to Procedure as an option in Encounter/diagnosis
  • 13667 - Add a principalDiagnosis extension for use on Encounter
  • 13663 - The name primaryDiagnosis is quite misleading, revise

If we are bored:

  • 14153 - Encounter resource maps to HL7 V3 RIM PatientEncounter class
  • 13539 - Encounter.location needs more detail
  • 12895 - Suggest align discharge disposition valueset with v2...
Irma Jongeneel Alex de Leon xxxx
Tuesday Jan 30 AM Q1 Technical med.gif Coordination with FHIR Infrastructure - Representatives from FHIR Infrastructure will join
Brian Postlethwaite Alex de Leon xxxx
Q2 Reconciliation med.gif FHIR Ballot reconciliation - (ChargeItem, Account)
  • 12275 - Request to improve description of Account
  • 11367 - Change description of Coverage - 2016-09 core #525
  • 13910 - Add cost center/revenue center property to ChargeItem

Discussion on draft Invoice-FHIR resource

Irma Jongeneel Alex de Leon xxxx
PM Q3 Technical med.gif FHIR Ballot reconciliation - (Scheduling Resources)

Representatives to InM - v2 reconciliation

  • 14274 - Changes to the appointment stats value set
  • 13837 - Add a cancelReason to Appointment
  • 13423 - Appointment Status Reason

As time permits:

  • 13861 - Clarity/change for HL7 v2 mappings for Appointment reason and appointmentType
  • 13586 - Appointment mappings to iCalendar
  • 6262 - Appointment relationship to iCalendar - especially reoccuring

If we get bored:

  • 13575 - Update language for Appointment.requestedPeriod to support constructor/template use
  • 9711 - Participant type binding in Appointment and AppointmentResponse needs review
  • 13808 - add search parameters for specialty and servicetype to Slot and Schedule
Brian Postlethwaite Alex de Leon xxxx
Q4 Business med.gif

HAVE project update
Approve San Diego Minutes

Plan next meeting Draft Agenda

  • Updates from the Steering Devision
  • Harmonization proposals
  • v2 work
  • Occupational Data for Health topic.
Line Saele Alex de Leon xxxx
Wednesday Jan 31 AM Q1 Reconciliation med.gif FHIR Ballot reconciliation - Provider Directory
  • Validated Healthcare Services Directory ballot comment review.
  • 9249 - Manage the Provenance of Practitioner (and Other Resources) using an Extension
  • 10234 - Locations should be able to include the shape (geocoded) of its physical boundry
  • 13391 - Should be able to identify a geographic area rather than a point for Location
  • 13563 - Location.type cardinality
  • 14216 - near-distance should be part of a composite search parameter

As time permits:

  • 12342 - endpoint-connection-type values don't capture XDS/XCA correctly
  • 14100 - Add imaging usecase to Endpoint summary
  • 14141 - Errors in R2 R3 Converson maps for HealthcareService.
  • 13495 - Location.address comment
Line Saele Alex de Leon xxxx
Q2 Technical med.gif FHIR Ballot reconciliation (PC representative will join) - (Practitioner, PractitionerRole, CareTeam, EpisodeOfCare)
  • 10304 - Organization Affiliation
  • 13682 - Add Organization info back to Practitioner or perform more outreach to let WGs know to update their resources
  • 13264 - Organization, Location, and Practitioner need support for Merge/Link/Unmerge

As time permits:

  • 9260 - Restructure availability in HealthService resource
  • 12851 - Clarify the scope and boundaries for HealthCareService
Brian Postlethwaite Alex de Leon xxxx
PM Q3 Reconciliation med.gif FHIR ballot reconciliation Irma Jongeneel Alex de Leon xxxx
Q4 Reconciliation med.gif FHIR ballot reconciliation Irma Jongeneel Alex de Leon xxxx
Thursday Feb 01 AM Q1 Technical med.gif Wrap up
  • Approve next ballot
  • FHIR Planning
  • Address PBX matrix
  • Work Group Health
  • 3 year work plan

FHIR work

Line Saele Sam Mater/Cooper Thompson xxxx
Q2 Reconciliation med.gif FHIR (joint meeting with Financial Management)

Disussion on draft FHIR resource - Invoice

Irma Jongeneel Sam Mater/Cooper Thompson xxxx
PM Q3 Technical med.gif FHIR work as needed Brian Postlethwaite Sam Mater/Cooper Thompson xxxx
Q4 Business med.gif CANCELLED - Representatives to Learning Health Systems Work Group NA NA xxxx


  • Work Group business meeting Business med.gif
  • Ballot Reconciliation meeting Reconciliation med.gif
  • Work Group technical discussion Technical med.gif


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