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20171013 PLA/CIMI call

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HL7 PLA Call Minutes


Date: 2017-10-13
Time: 3:00 PM
Facilitator Mary Kay/ Austin Note taker(s) TBD
Attendee Name

Calvin Beebe
x Lorraine Constable
Jean Duteau,
Tony Julian
x Paul Knapp
x Austin Kreisler
x Mary Kay McDaniel
Brian Pech
Wayne Kubick
John Roberts
Andy Stechishin
x Stan Huff
x Richard Esmond
Galen Mulrooney
Linda Bird
Cecil Lynch

no quorum definition


Agenda review

  • Notes of 20170901_PLA/CIMI_call review
  • Action Items
    • Add vote on M&C to SGB and TSC to Sunday agendas
      • SGB approved
      • TSC sent back to SGB to review concept of liaison role to SGB - issue tabled while SGB reviews
    • Mary Kay to send out candidate spreadsheet template
  • Discussion topics
    • Resolve questions around Mission and Charter from TSC
    • Identify list of candidates


  • Austin facilitating
  • AGENDA approved:
  • CIMI-MG Mission and Charter were reviewed by the TSC for eVote. There was a question on one bullet point in the Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes.
    • That bullet was, “ Implementation guidance for the appropriate use of products”.
    • The question was, “does this mean the WG will be creating IGs?”
    • After discussion today, group realized this statement came from the boiler plate given to the CIMI-MG.
      • ACTION: Austin/Paul to take back to SGB for clarification. The SGB will refine the statement and return to the CIMI-MG for inclusion in the M&C.
  • What happened at the WGM
    • Discussion point. As the number of projects and interested (external to HL7) parties increase, such as the Cancer work, what is the best method for hosting and where? Would the PSS be hosted under CIMI or CIC. CIMI gives them access to more technical experience/resources, but CIC has better outreach to the communities. Within CIMI, each project has a scrum master, with primary clinical contributors. The scrum master manages the meeting set up, meeting minutes, etc. HL7 does not have a cancer focused domain workgroup.
    • Lorraine: The Cancer work has been discussed at the TSC. As it happened, it was determined that it would be a PSS. Managing a project of this scope, was 'given' to CIMI. How does this relate to the CIMI-MG?
    • Richard. This effort is being used as a prototype. Crowd sourcing the content work across the medical community (external participants to HL7), but doing the modeling work within CIMI WG. There do not appear to be existing projects/efforts within HL7 to have done this before and no policy or guidelines to manage this with our current processes.
    • Stan, is worried about the overhead. This group is actually using AGILE methodologies. The goal is having clinical and technical folks working together to achieve the best possible outcome. They do not want groups unknowingly creating different models. If someone WANTS to create a different model it's ok.
    • There is tension between the exiting Workgroups established via HL7 and CIMI due to the overlap of domain interests.
    • Questions: where does the cancer work need to happen
      • ACTION: CIMI-MG needs to manage the questions above.
  • Candidates for WG
    • Richard, next biggest question for the group is to figure out who needs to be on the group.
    • Austin. Yes. The process is:
      • Email goes out to the membership (Austin shared CDA-MG email. Adapted for the CIMI-MG.
      • CIMI makes sure individuals are aware and offer to step up
      • This group coordinates and does high level vetting
      • List sent to TSC for final approval
      • SGB will invite CIMI cochairs to meetings when candidates are reviewed.
        • ACTION: Richard will take a 1st cut at updating the email to be sent out
      • Will return to Lorraine and she will send to SGB
      • Update group on what we are doing with other workgroups as we are getting the CIMI-MG up
    • Lorraine: Need coordination of where we are posting models, etc. Need to work with publishing. Reached out to publishing and meeting on the 23rd. How/where to host HTML models (large).

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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