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201709 Consumer Centered Data Exchange Implementation Notes for

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JWT Cert

You can get the JWT cert from [[1]] which directs you to here: [[2]]

The JWT is:


 "alg" : "RS256",
 "e" : "AQAB",
 "kid" : "",
 "kty" : "RSA",
 "n" : "pWGCPEp8PNjfiTHNM_iB5JqC4SyfVJoAR8urI1guoFtfPPlH2c_ZO1p4S0W1rAy8qi_lLLOKmiTL2JDqd6xUA6AHcf8Fr7cwAJiqQBd-3AMOfm7fSIgVgKQXCFQAzTAefJYq4f7ydnkocrDuKSH29QhhlBqVIu3TwKNQUGs6Owk1HRRtxIlxHJRCNEbA-AFdjT4A5JKztyYaA5IiWr2cgU-q71_SeMDWUNHZNeBO7HJu0Jh7uX-9xhpSr8J3zt9kMBbFzIwH1ycglJ9e4yhFA5y5VE-ZjBvSnDrfC5J22IoEvzBOSuzy33D6Y4vbH26g7slh90atsMbzuTHJu7iaQQ",
 "use" : "sig"



Use this consent resource as the base for authorization (post it to the server):

<Consent xmlns=""> 
  <id value="1"/>
 <status value="active"/>
   <reference value="Patient/example"/>
 <policyRule value=""/>  
   <type value="permit"/>
       <system value=""/>
     <system value=""/>


This is what you post to the server as a body to the $authorize routine (this time in json):

 "resourceType" : "Parameters",
 "parameter" : [{
    "name" : "duration",
    "valueDuration" : {
      "value" : "3",
      "system" : "",
      "code" : "mo"
  }, {
    "name" : "jwt",
    "valueString" : "{your JWT}"