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© 2017 Health Level Seven® International.  All rights reserved

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US Realm Steering Committee WGM Agenda/Minutes

Location: TBD

Date: 2017-09-13
Time: 7:00 AM
Co-Chairs Ed/Brett Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee / Name
x Calvin Beebe Keith Boone Hans Buitendijk
Lorraine Constable Johnathan Coleman Ed Hammond
Tony Julian x Paul Knapp x Austin Kreisler
x Brett Marquard Ken McCaslin Nancy Orvis
Brian Pech Wayne Kubick x Christol Green
Sandra Stuart . Pat Van Dyke x Craig Parker
x Danielle Friend x Eric Haas x Jenni Syed
x Steve Posnak . David Susanto .
Visitor/ Name
x Floyd Eisenberg x John Loonsk x Mary Kay McDaniel
x Ken Lord
Quorum: Chair + 7



  • Agenda review
  • Review notes from 20170905_US_Realm_SC_Call
  • Action Items
  • Review Items
    • US FHIR Core - updated PSS
    • Electronic case reporting - FHIR standard
    • Updates on joint project plan with X12
  • Discussion:
    • Review of any outstanding issues


  • Agenda review
  • Review Items
    • US FHIR Core - updated PSS
      • Updates have been made to include Structured Docs and PA. Floyd notes that CQI is interested as well. Decision that things need to be in tracker by October 1st to be considered.
      • MOTION to approve: Eric/Jenni
      • VOTE: All in favor
      • ACTION: Anne to send to FMG, then TSC
    • Electronic case reporting - FHIR standard
      • John Loonsk here to present project. Main focus is case reporting through FHIR representations. Floyd recommends CDS/CQI would be helpful as cosponsors. John agrees. Austin: Should involve the WGs that own the resources that you’re going to be profiling. John states that they will not be constraining or changing. Austin states they should have a choice whether or not to participate – PA, Pharmacy, OO – the biggies that own the bulk of the resources. Calvin: If you’re looking at profiling with extensions then that’s a signal that you would want to coordinate with the domain resource. If you’re just referencing then it’s okay. John states it’s their intent to use payload resources in unchanged form to the greatest extent possible. Part of the scope of the process is to discover exactly what’s needed. Eric: I will take to PC and OO. Craig suggests bringing up at the facilitator’s roundtable. Floyd: Would be good if we all looked at it the same way instead of going off and doing things a different way – creates too many silos. Danielle: What benefits does FHIR have to EICR? John: Opportunities in CDS Hooks, CQL to better manifest decision logic for reporting. Hope that the breadth of activities and data represented in FHIR will expand and advance. Travel history is not manifested in C-CDA, for example. Public Health agencies are chronically underfunded and if they can develop more rapidly, it will be to their benefit. There are over 2400 public health jurisdictions; states have statutes on what is reported and it’s not the same in every jurisdiction. Floyd: Would there be a consideration of moving this to international realm eventually? John: The package of data in the initial case report was blessed by a panel of experts in public health that has specific meaning in HIPAA; but we also think there we can advance the case resource to universal in the future.
      • MOTION to approve: Eric/Calvin
      • VOTE: All in favor
      • ACTION: Anne to add to SGB agenda – guidance on large cross-organizational project scope statement buy-in review and approvals
    • Updates on joint project plan with X12
      • Paul: There are eclaims messages in V2 and V3 used mostly outside the US. As we develop those things in FHIR, interest has evolved to use them in the US. Haven’t done a mapping from eclaims to X12. Need to produce a single mapping to reduce barrier to implementation and improve safety/consistency. Have reached out to X12 informally as we can’t do it without their participation. Will need face to face participation as it is a large piece of work. Can’t start without X12 participation as well as people committed to do the work. There is an X12 meeting week after next where it will be discussed. Mary Kay: According to MOU we have to have a joint project plan. In the past there have been some hard feelings from X12 about encroaching on their turf. We are really being careful about this as we move forward. Calvin encourages to use the HL7 liaison to X12, which Mary Kay confirms is being done. The intent is to work respectfully, carefully, and cooperatively. Calvin suggests discussing with EC and perhaps even higher, at least to provide advance notice.
    • Further discussion on Electronic case reporting. Steve asks how travel history will be incorporated. Will likely live as another profile based off US Core.
  • Adjourned at 8:03 AM

  • Discussion:
    • Review of any outstanding issues
      • Process for US Realm vocabulary requests – add to future agenda

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

© 2017 Health Level Seven® International. All rights reserved