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20170615 OO FHIR conCall

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HL7 OO on FHIR (for Orders and Observations)

Call in details:
Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Passcode: 398652

Join the meeting at:

Date: 2017/6/15
2015 - 02:00 PM (Eastern Time, GMT -04 DST)
Quorum = chair + 4 yes

scope="col" Co chairs Chair Notetaker
Riki Merrick
Rob Hausam X
Lorraine Constable
Patrick Lloyd
KD Nolan
Hans Buitendijk X

X Eric Haas
Riki Merrick
X Hans Buitendijk
Jose Costa-Teixeira
Dan Rusk
Jonathan Harber
David Burgess
Lloyd McKenzie
X Rob Hausam
X Andrea Pitkus
Francois Marcary
Robert Dieterle
x Brian Reinhold
X John Rhoads
KD Nolan
Alan Patin
Elliot Silver
Paul Knapp

  • Roll Call
  • Agenda

reviewed and voted on the following trackers. See tracker follow-ups for discussion.

  • 13230 - The statement about the Observation.device is wrong Persuasive
  • 13467 - Observation.device support DeviceComponent as well as Device and DeviceMetric Persuasive
  • 10556 - Add more options to the Data absent reasons Persuasive with Mod
    • followup - Brian Reinhold to supply defiintions and source attribution
  • 13425 - Observation.subject Persuasive with Mod

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