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2017-11-01 Conference Call minutes

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  • Michael Padula
  • Evelyn Gallego
  • Stephen Chu
  • Russel Leftwich
  • Emma Jones
  • Jay Lyle
  • Joe Quinn
  • George Dixon

Child Health Content Mapping

  • C-CDA mapping Update provided by Mike Padula
    • Modeling the ketogenic diet and aligning it with the nutritional work.
    • Instruction template use for medications and nutrition recommendations
    • Suggestion made that the SDWG future prohibition templates can be used for things like procedure contraindications

Care Plan DAM

  • Overview of Care Plan DAM mapping diagram provided by Stephen Chu
  • Evelyn suggest adding the Renal Care Plan and LTSS implementation guide as a place holder for now

Obligation OR prohibition instruction templates

  • New advance directive and advance care planning template presented by Lisa Nelson
  • Advance directive observations is forward facing
  • What about the right now situation - while in hosp and something happen, do this- decision about what to do has been made.
  • Obligation - negationInd is not used - because it's positive elements - resuscitate (i.e. do these things)

Prohibition - negationInd is always true

Use prohibition for things that are "don't do"

CDA R2 has made changes to negationInd - recommendation to avoid use of negationInd When using negationInd in the observation have to be explicit if the negation applies to the code or the value On an ACt it always applies to the code.

Valuset is to have the concepts that is specific - valuset is dynamic and CWE. can use nullflavor and have originalText when the action is not in the valueset.

Discussion about whether an order, or instructions and if it should pointing to progress note