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|width="100%" |'''Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items'''<br/>
|width="100%" |'''Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items'''<br/>
*[[2017mmdd CDAMG Conference Call]]
*[[2017-10-13 CDAMG Call]]
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© 2017 Health Level Seven® International.  All rights reserved

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HL7 CDAMG Minutes

Location: Palatine A

Date: 2017-09-14
Time: 12:30 PM Eastern
Facilitator TBD Note taker(s) Anne W.
Attendee Name

x George Dixon
Jean Duteau
Rick Geimer
x Kai Heitmann
Brett Marquard
x Dale Nelson
x Lisa Nelson
x Austin Kreisler
x Mary Kay McDaniel
x Brian Pech
x Paul Knapp
x Mark Shafferman
x Andrew Statler
x Tony Julian

Quorum: TBD


  • Agenda review
  • Discussion Topics
    • Introductions
    • Call times
  • Action Items
    • Review Mission and Charter
    • Determine next steps


  • Austin greets the group; group introduces themselves.
  • Call times
    • ACTION: Anne to set up Doodle poll
  • Still have a payer perspective to fill. Andrew hadn’t responded in time for the TSC vote but we can add him as well.
  • On upcoming call we need to elect cochairs.
  • Anne shows group how to find the CDAMG page on the HL7 wiki page under management groups.
  • Discussion over other management groups and their status.
  • Reviewed mission and charter.
    • One of the early products of this management group will be a quality plan.
    • This group is not providing a work force for people. It’s providing education and, at times, making tooling decisions.
    • Ultimate authority over management groups is the TSC.
    • CTO is nominally the product manager, who represents the products to the outside world. Kai notes that we need to give input to the CTO. CTO is ex officio on all of the management groups.
      • ACTION: Develop an inventory of products in the product family
      • ACTION: Develop list of product family risks
      • ACTION: Develop quality plan/criteria
      • ACTION: Anne to update CDAMG wiki page with link to most recent Mission and Charter from May that was approved by TSC
    • Discussion over separation of concerns
    • Structured Documents will be the methodology group for CDA
    • Lisa: What is management vs. methodology? Methodology is about how you create the standards that are conformant with your family. Management is how you accomplish those things.
      • ACTION: Anne to post powerpoint presentation
      • ACTION: Develop DMP; perhaps use SGB’s as a template

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

© 2017 Health Level Seven® International. All rights reserved