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2017-06-28 Conference Call minutes

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  • Report from Nutrition Management Storyboard, Information for Special Needs Children, Patient Repository, Harmonization CP DAM with CCDA/FHIR (Laura is out. Emma will run the webex. Stephen will host the call)


  • Stephen
  • Emma Jones
  • Bob Thompson
  • Jay Lyle
  • Michael Padula
  • Russ Leftwich
  • Margaret
  • Joe Quinn

Meeting Notes: Nutrition Management presented by Margaret

  • Two storyboards - Plan is to take the care plan used at last connecthathon - adding nurtition order for the diet. Working on using clinFHIR scenario builder
    • Using ClinOFhir to work on the malnutrition usecase - at intersection with carePlan and nutritionOrder - ?use of planDefinition
  • What can PC offer - Meet QOW tuesday @6pm EST - Stephen will get it on his calendar
    • Working on the diabetes and the malnutrition using a word builder. no work on the scenario builder as yet.
    • Some folks are new to clinFHIR. David may not be able to update it for nutrition. Happy to have folks from PC join the call.
      • Next steps - At the end of July will bring back what they have so far. They have a specific nutrition list but have been CC'ing PC and OO.
    • Review of the skeletal version of the mal-nutrition storyboard.
      • There are four mal-nutrition measures on the proposed rules with CMS.
      • On list to explore the clinical impression resource
      • CarePlan component - parts of the nutrition care plan that the dietician will be responsible for. Want to know of when and how to use the nutrition order resource and when to use the resource for consuling. Also how to represent actual patient intake - what resource to use for that.
      • Care coordination piece - patient is discharge to home with consult to home health, community resources - need to match up to the care plan.
  • Will join CP call every second call. Will come to the call at the end of July and see how far they are
  • Mike Padula envisioning re-using a lot of this for other CarePlan work. Envision this work will complement other work.

Children with special needs Care Plan

  • Presented by Mike Padula
    • Flush out existing details and look to find ways to utilize them. Transfer of Primary Care Storyboard. Identify the resources that will capture all the detail and then use the Care Plan resource to bring it all together. Need care plan as well as contingency plans. This include nutritional needs as well (e.g nutritional need for CF patients, etc.
    • Other related topics include indicating intolerances (not allergy)
    • 1st step is getting the information into FHIR resources - looking for help and guidance
    • Margaret et group can assist with the nutrition aspects. will include it in their tuesday's call. Will put it on their agenda
    • Emma will put the storyboard in a spreadsheet and start identifying high level FHIR resources
    • Question from Stephen -The storyboard is not as detailed as the care plan storyboard, where do you see moving forward?
      • C-CDA implementation guide and likewise to FHIR? Reason for the question is because the CarePlan DAM is not implementation specific - moving forward, what is your implementation plan?
        • Initially was going to be in C-CDA using existing templates. If in C-CDA templates, will there be an informative reference to C-CDA? Using FHIR will make it more relevant and useful and more likely to get implemented.
      • What is most important in the US Realm agenda? And also your discipline of practice? Which would have greater traction - C-CDA or FHIR or both? Either effort done here would be supportive of the DAM.
        • From a C-CDA perspective, can make it a light weight - provide content using C-CDA care plan template
      • Emma suggest identifying care providers that can request this information via C-CDA their vendors.
      • Stephen suggest for the FHIR perspective - could tap into Cerner (via Michelle) maybe
      • Can provide this as a Clinician-on-FHIR track at the next WGM
      • Also at the FHIR Technical Connecthathon - use this as a possible use case for the care plan track - discuss with Dave Carlson.
      • Content on screen is this adequate? Stephen suggest re-organizing into several constructs (the care plan buckets) - from the CCDA templates and FHIR resources. Once this is done then will b able to see if more info is needed or if gaps.

Patient Repository - Russ - had to leave early. Will pick this up next time.