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2017-06-12 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem (Chair)
  • Scott Robertson (Scribe)
  • Michelle Miller
  • Nancy Westaway
  • Yunwei Wang
  • Jose

Agenda Items and notes

Tracker Items

FHIR Tracker

June 12 - IDPM will be deferred for today

Medication Related (Group = A)

  • 13392 Enhance the Medication resource for alignment with the IDMP Authorized Medicinal Product model
    • 12396 Medication package and product
    • 12395 Basis of Strength Substance
  • 12671 Consider adding "maintenance drug Indicator" on medication when discussing formulary.

Dosage Related (Group = B)

  • 13383 We need to be able to specify that a dosage timing must be obeyed exactly
  • 13382 We need Dosage.text to be a CodeableConcept
  • 13381 We need a way to express <daysAdministeredAmount> and <daysNotAdministeredAmount> in Dosage
  • 13380 Possible new element in Dosage: calculationBasis
  • 13317 Allow Dosage to express a medication should start/stop relative to an event
  • 12791 Update dosage Instruction to include pre-condition and therapeutic target

Misc (Group = none)

  • 13449 add medicationRequest.intendedPerformer to the search parameters
  • Confirm what the tracker item is related to
Action:  Melva to create a tracker item - related to additional tracker item related to Header
  • 13044 Fix performer on MedicationAdministration - update description and add role back in with appropriate value set
    • waiting on changes from Workflow
  • 13043 Fix performer on MedicationDispense - update description and add role back in with appropriate value set
    • waiting on changes from Workflow
  • 12473 Status Review - consider splitting clinical status from verification status
  • 12332 Limitations on searches? - elements with type selection; chained searches
Action:  reach out to Scott to see if tracker 12332 can be withdrawn or referred to FHIR-I

Order Service Catalogue Project

  • To follow the Order Catalog work, use the following listserv:
  • context:
    • under Orders.
    • Catalogue vs Formulary. Catalog is a superset of Formulary, includes orderable items beyond medications. Significant overlap may necessitate
    • Jose and John involved
  • Update from John Hatem & Jose
    • one or two new resources coming out of this work
    • Jose is very involved. Composition is preferred. Adding metadata support for catalog entries.

International Chemotherapy Implementation FHIR IG

  • Chemotherapy IG Wiki Page
  • Update from John Hatem
    • NCCN and other European input
    • to support broad requirements. Specific implementation would constrain as needed
    • expect to participate in San Diego connectathon

CIMI Pharmacy Model Update

  • Update from John Hatem
    • xxx working on presentation to Pharmacy to explain CIMI application to pharmacy resources

Action Item List

  • Action item list - update from John Hatem
    • generally a short list
    • John working on updating list with items from recent discussions (WGM and calls). Some are already addressed. When updating complete will bring it to a Pharmacy call


  • Eric: coordinate a call PC OO and Pharmacy related to Blood Products/Transfusion/Tissue products. Michelle - in addition to the conference call, there is the joint session available at the Sept WGM. John - also consider enteral feeding. Jose - boundary between medications, blood products, devices, etc ... make sure there is sufficient overlap so that similar processes are used across all scenarios. John H - need good definitions - sometimes a med and device are ordered separately, sometimes they are "one thing".
Action Item: Eric will coordinate a call between PC, OO and Pharmacy prior to Sept WGM

Next meeting

  • Monday, June 19, 2017 at 1pm Eastern - NOTE, new time for weekly teleconference