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2017-04-17 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair and Scribe)
  • Steve Emrik
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Michelle Miller
  • John Hatem

Agenda Items and notes

Madrid Agenda

  • Madrid Agenda
    • Jose: need to have time to discuss SPL/FHIR/IDMP "BR&R"
    • April 17 Update: Melva to reach out to BR&R to see if there is a time we can meet in Madrid
Action: Melva to send an email to BR&R Co-Chair inviting them to join us in Madrid

CIMI Project (TBC)

  • US realm. CIMI modeling Federal Information Model with FHIR
  • no questions or updates on 4/10
  • April 17 Update: Will discuss in Madrid

Compounded meds

  • Steve Emrik from USP
    • USP has monographs for compounded products/process - how to make the product
    • example Atenolol Example
    • add to future agenda for need to identify medications as compounded in FHIR Medication, necessary metadata, and possibly the directions for compounding
  • April 17 Update: there is not great support in Health IT space for sending/receiving information about compounded information
    • regulations coming out in the US - California to use USP monographs when compounding
    • What types of metadata would be useful?
    • perhaps a URI to the instructions for compounding
    • receiver: anyone who needed to compound
    • sender: not sure who would send
      • will be working on a code that could be included in RxNorm - URL would be a property of the USP code or RxNorm code
      • Open Medicine - has done some work on this
      • there are pieces of metadata that could be included
Action: Add a tracker item as a placeholder for changes to medication

Tracker Items

FHIR Tracker

  • 12667 Referencing Goal from MedicationRequest: extension or supportingInformation?
    • pending more information (Rick on upcoming call)
    • Michelle M: an extension does exist to reference Goal - pertainsToGoal
      • see tracker 10460. supposedly resolved and applied. still doesn't show "global" extensions work
    • April 17 Update: should use the Goal - pertainsToGoal
      • tracker item has been added regarding tooling for use of extension
      • Motion: To point to use of extension - John/Michelle - "resolved no change" - 4/0/0 Carried
Action:  add note to 12667 to add information to use the extension
  • 13182 numberofRepeatsAllowed cannot be Zero
    • can you assume that the absence of data equates to "no refills" are allowed?
    • we should support "0" refills - need to change datatype to "unsignedInt" and add explicit guidance
    • Motion: John/Jose: change data type to "unsignedInt" and add guidance - 4/0/0 Carried
  • Guidance on using Event History

FHIR Maturity

  • Medication, MedicationRequest and MedicationStatement = FMM 3
  • MedicationDispense and MedicationAdministration - FMM 2

Order Service Catalogue Project

  • To follow the Order Catalog work, use the following listserv:
  • 3/13 - no recent activity
  • 3/20 - no recent activity
  • 3/27 - discussion of activities
  • 4/3 - no update
    • discussion of the scope of catalog
    • discussion of medication related work
    • to define a project to move the project forward
Action from 4/3/2017: draft an initial PSS to update medication
Action from 4/3/2017:  schedule time in Madrid to discuss jointly

International Chemotherapy Implementation FHIR IG

  • John attended the kick off meeting, others are welcome to attend
  • March 27 Update: no meetings have held - may be tomorrow
  • April 3 Update: Meeting was held on March 28th - minutes was published
  • next meeting 4/11/2017


Next meeting

  • Monday, April 24, 2017 at 4pm Eastern