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2017-03-16 Patient Care FHIR Call

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Meeting Information

Patient Care FHIR Resources Conference Call

Location: Conference Call
Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 943377

Date: 2017-03-16
Time: 5-6:30pm ET
Facilitator Michelle M Miller Note taker(s) Michelle M Miller
Attendee Name Affiliation

Elaine Ayres NIH/Department of Clinical Research Informatics
Pushpalatha Bhat
X Stephen Chu The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)
Evelyn Gallego EMI Advisors LLC
X Eric Haas Haas Consulting
X Rob Hausam Hausam Consulting LLC
Laura Heermann-Langford Intermountain Healthcare
X Emma Jones Allscripts
X Russ Leftwich InterSystems
Tony Little Optum 360
Jay Lyle Ockham Information Services LLC, VA
Russell McDonell Telstra Health
Lloyd McKenzie Gevity (HL7 Canada)
Larry McKnight Cerner
X Michelle M Miller Cerner
X Lisa Nelson Life Over Time Solutions
Viet Nguyen Lockheed Martin, Systems Made Simple
M'Lynda Owens Cognosante
Craig Parker Intermountain Healthcare
X Joe Quinn Optum
X Simon Sum Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Iona Thraen Dept of Veterans Affairs
Serafina Versaggi Dept of Veterans Affairs
Quorum Requirements Met: yes


Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes 2017-03-09_Patient_Care_FHIR_Call
    • Motion: Stephen/Russ
  3. STU3 readiness
  4. gForge change request

Supporting Information

STU 3 Timeline

From FHIR_Ballot_Prep

  • Sun. Feb. 19 Publication substantive resource freeze
  • Sun. Feb 26 Publication total freeze
  • Mon. Feb 27 QA period opens
  • Tue. Feb 28 FMM QA spreadsheet updated for all WG resources
  • Sun. Mar. 13 QA period closes
  • Sun. Mar. 20 All QA applied

The "following week" STU 3 is published!

FHIR Maturity Levels

Maturity Levels Level 3 requires the artifact has been verified by the work group as meeting the DSTU_2_QA_guidelines and has been subject to a round of formal balloting; has at least 10 implementer comments recorded in the tracker drawn from at least 3 organizations resulting in at least one substantive change

Target FMM levels for STU3 publication

  • AllergyIntolerance = 3
  • Condition = 3
  • Procedure = 3
  • CarePlan = 1
  • Goal = 1
  • CareTeam = 2
  • FamilyMemberHistory = 2
  • ReferralRequest = 1
  • Flag = 1
  • Communication = 1
  • CommunicationRequest =1
  • ClinicalImpression = 0
  • Linkage = 0

STU3 Action Items



  • isModifier Zulip chat from Grahame:
    • CarePlan.activity.detail.prohibited - add "This element is labeled as a modifier because it marks an activity as an activity that is not to be performed"
    • Communication.notDone - add "This element is labeled as a modifier because it marks the communication as a communication that did not occur'
    • FamilyMemberHistory.notDone - referred to PC for improving documentation -- if GF#13077 is not approved, then make the following changes:
      • Short: The taking of a family member's history did not occur.
      • Long: If true, indicates the taking of an individual family member's history did not occur. The notDone element should not be used to document negated conditions, such as a family member that did not have a condition.
      • Comment (why is it a modifier): This notDone element is being evaluated and will likely be removed in a subsequent release.
    • FamilyMemberHistory.notDoneReason - if GF#13077 is not approved, then make the following changes:
      • Short: subject-unknown | withheld | unable-to-obtain | deferred
      • Long: Describes why the family member's history is absent.
      • Comment: This notDoneReason element is being evaluated and will likely be replaced in a subsequent release (e.g. dataAbsentReason).
    • FamilyMemberHistory.estimatedAge - should not be a modifier?
      • A lot of clinical data is fuzzy, so understand why it wouldn't be is modifier
      • Eric/Rob: 4-2-1 moves to remove modifier from FamilyMemberHistory.estimatedAge

gForge Change Requests


  • GF#13039 QA 2a: Add More Procedure Examples
  • GF#13078 remove modifier from FamilyMemberHistory.estimatedAge
  • GF#13077 FamilyMemberHistory.notDone and notDoneReason updates
  • GF#13025 Add "relapse" to Condition.clinicalStatus code set

Deferred until next week

  • GF#13026 Add "controlled" and "poorly controlled" values to Condition.clinicalStatus code values


Adjourned at 6:42PM Eastern.

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  1. Agenda review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
    • Motion: <moved>/<seconded> Abstain - <#>, Negative - <#>, Approve - <#>
  3. gForge change request

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