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2017-02-20 Rx Conf Call

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  • Scott Robertson (Chair)

Agenda Items and notes

Co-chair nominations

  • 2 seats for Phamacy: Scott (re-running) and Marla (not re-running)

US Meds Ballot Reconciliation

  • Feb 20, 2017: no known issues to discuss

FHIR Tracker Items

===TR#12857 Update guidance on EventHistory in Pharmacy Resources

===TR#12842 Harmonize reason codes across Pharmacy resources

===TR#12840 Update to DosageInstruction

===TR#12839 Update definitions for use across Resources

===TR#12831 Remove Performer.role from MedDispense and MedAdmin


  • [[]]


  • [[]]

FHIR Maturity

  • Current Maturity status
    • spreadsheet has been submitted - MedicationOrder, MedicationStatement and Medication - MM2
    • review of MedicationStatement Maturity
    • no further need for the resources to get them to MM2
  • Update on MedicationDispense implementations

Order Service Catalogue PSS

  • Feb 9, 2017 - John Hatem reported that the catalog work is investigating whether one or more new resources ( catalog, entity) can support the requirements and whether one or more existing resources (composition, bundle,


  • none

Next meeting

  • Monday, February 27, 2017 at 4pm Eastern