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| || Ken McCaslin
| || Ken McCaslin
| || Rik Smithies
|Regrets || Rik Smithies

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HL7 SGB Minutes


Date: 2017-02-01
Time: 10:00 AM Eastern
Facilitator Paul/Austin Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee Name

Calvin Beebe
Lorraine Constable
Russ Hamm
Tony Julian
Paul Knapp
Austin Kreisler
Wayne Kubick
Mary Kay McDaniel
Ken McCaslin
Regrets Rik Smithies
no quorum definition


  • Agenda review
  • Review Minutes of 2017-01-15_SGB_WGM_Agenda
  • Review Minutes of 2017-01-20_SGB_WGM_Agenda
  • Action Items
    • Recruit candidate for provider role on SGB
    • Add topic of separation of concerns relating to holding chair position across methodology, management, and governance groups to FHIR agenda
    • FHIR Product Director Position Description: we should 1) review further and draft feedback, then 2) map back the description to the role of FGB
    • Schedule meeting between SGB and FMG in Madrid
    • Paul to forward information on HL7 essential requirements regarding reballoting when there is substantive change to normative content to FMG
    • Anne to add ANSI’s definition of substantive change to the substantive change definition on SGB wiki for reference
    • Anne to add SGB Annual Review of FGB to 2017-02-20 (or future) FGB agenda; Paul and Calvin to attend from SGB. Lorraine and Wayne to socialize it on 2017-02-06 call.
    • Anne to add issue of having a precept around testing our software to TSC exec call
    • Wayne to explore issue of CIMI having their own governance/whether or not they are an actual WG
  • Discussion Topics
    • Introducing New Processes
  • Parking Lot
    • Drafting Shared Product Management Responsibilities
    • Vocabulary precepts
    • General precepts
      • Precept around training WGs in CDA methodology and management principles
    • Levels of standards
    • Separation of concerns
    • Ownership of content
    • ISM
    • Ownership of content
    • Differentiation of groups that develop standards and those that don't


Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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