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2017-01-16 FGB WGM Agenda

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HL7 TSC FGB Meeting Minutes

Location: Regency East #2

Date: 2017-01-16
Time: 12:30 PM
Facilitator: Note taker(s): Anne W.
Quorum = Chair plus 2 yes/no
Co-Chair/CTO Members
Woody Beeler x Lorraine Constable x Grahame Grieve David Hay
Dave Shaver x Ewout Kramer Cecil Lynch (ArB) x Lloyd McKenzie (FMG)
Wayne Kubick . Calvin Beebe .
x Anne W., scribe
x Kevin Sheckleton


  • Roll call -
  • Approve minutes of 20161212 FGB concall
  • Agenda Review
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Certification process
    • Open source governance article
    • Ownership of shared content


  • Roll call -
  • Approve minutes of 20161212 FGB concall
    • MOTION to approve: Grahame/Lloyd
    • VOTE: all in favor
  • Agenda Review
    • No additions
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Certification process
      • Introducing FHIR certification credentialing. Editors have prepared a test that has been passed on to the Education committee. Education and membership are working up the process with prerequisites. Working up a second set of questions. Test process itself is manually marked because it isn’t multiple choice.
    • Ownership of shared content
      • Issue was resolved. SGB will write up definition on Friday and socialize.
    • Open source governance article
      • Group reviews article at
      • Lloyd: When we initially defined mechanisms for FMG and FGB, we did put term limits in place; current practice is that once term limits are up, people are reappointed. Extended reappointments past a couple of terms are likely not the best for the organization. We want to make sure that as the composition evolves we want to maintain a diversity of viewpoints. Lorraine notes we do need to keep an eye towards continuity as well. Lloyd agrees. Need to start thinking about how we move forward. FGB is more of a challenge because it doesn’t often have time-critical tasks.
      • Grahame highlights the section on ensuring everything you do has a regular review of its effectiveness against the organization’s goals. Discussion over FGB taking on that task.
        • ACTION: Come up with set of goals that we can assess against on 2017-02-06 call
      • Discussion over the “steering where you look” section regarding external review and making sure that the feedback is heard, valued, and synthesized. Perhaps we should suggest to TSC that we have a technical advisory board.
        • ACTION: Lorraine to share on TSC executive call
      • Regulatory capture section: Grahame notes that we have regulatory capture problems at HL7.
        • The maturity model is partly about pushing back against regulatory capture. Could be discussed in TSC.
      • Staffism: need to make sure we’re not making emotional decisions
      • Blaming outsiders: We do try to make sure we get wide feedback and deal directly with people with challenges/issues. Lloyd: There are certain individuals who get called out on occasion but we need to make sure it’s only done when it’s absolutely necessary.
      • Generational disconnect: Will need to be more aware of this later. TSC is discussing in a broader sense than FHIR. Need awareness at this point.
  • First FGB call on 2017-02-06. Will discuss frequency of calls.
  • Adjourned at 1:38 pm Central

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