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201609 Device Integration

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Device Data Integration

The focus for this track is the exchange of information from a simple pulse oximeter to a physiological monitor to an infusion pump. Scenarios and test scripts will ensure that at least 80% of the core data elements for these device-related resources are leveraged. Data exchanged will be consistent (per resource mappings) with the ISO/IEEE 11073 standards for device semantic content. This will include integration of data that is sourced from an IEEE 11073-based Personal Health Device (PHD), as well as, communicated using the HL7 v2-based profiles supported by the IHE Patient Care Device (PCD) group.

NOTE: Subsequent FHIR connectathon tracks will include more advanced scenarios and applications, such as medication administration or CDS utilization of real-time high granularity device acquired information.

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

"'Health Care Devices (DEV) WG"'


This track is intended to advance the maturity of device-related FHIR resources (i.e., Device, DeviceComponent and DeviceMetric) to FMM2 (see FHIR Maturity Model). It will test mappings for the ISO/IEEE 11073 information model, as well as the IHE Patient Care Device (PCD) profiles based on HL7 v2. This work will inform the potential development of an implementation guide for device information integration, as well as the possible definition of profiles for specific device modalities (e.g., an LVP Infusion Pump).

Proposed Track Lead

Todd Cooper
Skype: ToddCooperAFC

Expected participants

The following organizations have indicated an interest in participating in this track:


NOTE: Other organizations are actively considering participation.


Device Observation Reporter (DOR)

Send device acquired information to a FHIR server using the device-related resources (i.e., Device, DeviceComponent, DeviceMetric, Observation).

NOTE: This is analogous to the IHE PCD Device Enterprise Communication (DEC) profile DOR actor. Typically a device or a device "gateway" system.

Device Information Server (DIS)

Process updates from a DOR and respond to queries from a DOC.

Device Observation Consumer (DOC)

Retrieve and use device-acquired information from the DIS, e.g. for flow-charting or clinical decision support applications.

NOTE: This is analogous to the IHE PCD Device Enterprise Communication (DEC) profile DOC actor. Typically an EHR or similar information system.


TBD - Scenarios are being developed leveraging IHE connectathon & showcase activities in recent years.

Scenario Step 1 Name

Success Criteria:
Bonus point:


TBD - Based on evaluation of what needs to be performed to ensure the requisite 80% + coverage.