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HL7 OO on FHIR (for Orders and Observations)

Call in details:
Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Passcode: 398652

Join the meeting at:

Date: 2016/05/26
2015 - 02:00 PM (Eastern Time, GMT -04 DST)
Quorum = chair + 4 no

Co chairs Chair Notetaker
Riki Merrick
Rob Hausam
Lorraine Constable
Patrick Lloyd
Ken McKaslin
Hans Buitendijk

X Eric Haas
Riki M
X Hans Buitendijk
Jose Costa-Teixicara
Dan R
X Jonathan Harber
X Lloyd McKenzie
X Rob Hausam
X Andrew Quinn

  • Tracker Review
*5469 Jan 2015 Ballot Comment #405 (Riki Merrick) Considered for Future Use
*6267 DiagnosticOrder needs to be clear about what it can be used for (Lloyd McKenzie) Considered for Future Use
*7389 2015May core #579 - Fix wording around "request to perform an action" and names of resources. (David Tao) Considered for Future Use
*7584 2015May core #875 - How does DeviceMetric enable information exchange? (Ioana Singureanu) Considered for Future Use
*7755 2015May core #1076 - Certain states, e.g., rejection are usually able to be associated with a reason for being in that state. (Keith Boone) Considered for Future Use In Person
*8448 IHE Feedback on GAO deferred to FHIR (Keith Boone) Considered for Future Use
*7248 2015May core #308 - Various opinions on data element (Clem McDonald) None In Person
*8181 make Schedule repearting for expressing things like give a 3Pm and before bedtime (Eric Haas) None
*8952 replace referencerange-meaning fhir system and valueset (Eric Haas) None
*9038 Culture (James Agnew) None
*9187 flatten out Diagnostic Order, move specimen collection to ProxcedureRequest (Eric Haas) None
*9664 Observation needs to be able to point to DiagnosticOrder (Lloyd McKenzie) None
*9671 DiagnosticReport - add support for linking reports together (Michelle Miller) None
*9823 Clarify conformance statements for OO core profiles (Lorraine Constable) None
*9857 change Observation.category from Example to Extensible (Eric Haas) None
*9859 combine DiagnostReport.conclusion and DiagnostReport.codeDiagnosis (Eric Haas) None
*9861 Whether SupplyRequest should reference Patient element or just use the reason resource (Eric Haas) None
*9862 add a special request comment/annotation in SupplyRequest as well. (Eric Haas) None
*9863 need a to and from element on SupplyRequest (Eric Haas) None
*9880 element for indicated who or what changes the status (Hans Buitendijk) None
*9963 DiagnosticOrder lacks a generic title or description of what it pertains to (Pascal Pfiffner) None
*9964 add lastKnown ( lastn ) operation or search parameter to specify search for most recent n things (Eric Haas) None
*10006 Better description on the use of the 'category' property (Angus Millar) None In Person
*10020 Enhance DiagnosticReport codedDiagnosis to support groups (Brian Nantz) None
*10040 remove redundant extension http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureDefinition/diagnosticorder-reason (Eric Haas) None
*10041 Create Observation Operation and update definition of component.code to say that it can be a qualifying code for Observation.code (Eric Haas) None In Person
*6316 Dataelement is insufficient for Master Files (Eric Haas) Not Persuasive
*6971 2015May core #36 - Make ordered item 0..* (Emma Jones) Not Persuasive
*7250 2015May core #310 - Body site should be a code, not a type or resource (Clem McDonald) Not Persuasive In Person
*7342 2015May core #532 - There should be at least 2 types of body sites indicated. targetBodySite and approachBody site (Corey Spears) Not Persuasive
*7475 2015May core #770 - Complext structure or data type needed for BodySite (not resource) (Tom Oniki) Not Persuasive
*7577 2015May core #868 - Recommend changing this to a "common structure" that could be used for Condition.site, etc. (Ioana Singureanu) Not Persuasive
*9206 DiagnosticReport element to include textual narrative of the diagnostic assessment (Sean Moore) Not Persuasive
*9433 Observation.issued and DiagnosticReport.issued (Hans Buitendijk) Not Persuasive
*8936 DiagnosticReport.performer Definition (Hans Buitendijk) Not Persuasive with Mod In Person
*9852 Add timing atttributes to DiagnosticOrder (Hans Buitendijk) Persuasive with Mod
*9981 DiagnosticReport needs clarification for imaging reports (Danielle Friend) Persuasive with Mod


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