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201605 SMART-ca on FHIR

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Track Name

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

FHIR Infrastructure/Gevity Consulting


The SMART on FHIR specification has been well-exercised and is building significant traction in the US. However, the need for SMART is global and, at present, SMART is tied to the DAF profiles which are U.S.-centric, including the use of U.S.-specific terminologies and extensions. In principle, SMART can be easily extended to accommodate different underlying profiles. This Connectathon (based in Canada) will attempt to exercise both existing and new SMART apps atop both Canadian and the standard US profiles. The intent of the Canadian profiles will be to align closely with DAF, diverging only when essential for Canadian needs.

Proposed Track Lead

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities Lloyd McKenzie ( Skype:lmckenzi

Expected participants



Smart Client

Any FHIR Client that has been modified to support working on Canadian-adapted DAF profiles for Immunization, MedicationOrder, MedicationStatement, Patient and Observation resources

FHIR Server

This will be a generic FHIR server capable of storing Immunization, MedicationOrder, MedicationStatement, Patient and Observation resources


Connect to a server and perform SMART App functions while configured to use the standard US profile. Then do the same while configured to use the Canadian profile. Filter using appropriate drug, observation code and other terminologies.

Note: All scenarios involve the use of Canadianized versions of the existing SMART profile. The current proposed version of this profile can be found here: File:Smart 1.3 - CA.docx

Scenario Step 1 - Canadian SMART

  1. Smart App connects to client and confirms it supports the Canadian SMART profile
  2. Smart App accesses medication, immunization and/or patient data using the SMART FHIR interface, querying using Canadian code systems and renders it within the application
  • SMART-enabled client system possesses data that comply with the Canadian SMART profiles (i.e. using Canadian terminologies for drugs, vaccines, etc.)
  • SMART app is able to adapt to the SMART profile declared by the SMART-enabled client system
Success Criteria
  • Data successfully retrieved and displayed