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201601 FHIR Genomics

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Sequence resource

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group



The Sequence resource is a core resource in FHIR Genomics. It is used to represent complex genetics data.

Proposed Track Lead

Gil Alterovitz

Expected participants

The number of the participants may be 20-50.


FHIR Client

Support the sending of the Sequence resource operations: create, history, read, search and update.

FHIR Server

Support the receiving and processing of the Patient resource operations: create, history, read, search and update.


Scenario Step 1 Register a new sequence

Action: FHIR Client. Create a sequence instance to represent genetics data (DNA variant, RNA sequence, structural variant, etc).
Precondition: This sequence instance does not exist in service prior to action.
Success Criteria: Sequence created correctly on server and in the desired format.
Bonus point:

Example for genetics data representation: